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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP next month after Chem Preg

Hi lovelies,

I shared my bfp story prematurely last month in June at 12dpo right before I experienced a chemical pregnancy. Prior to that I never really knew what one was. Since it was a natural early miscarriage that started the day my period was due like a normal cycle we decided to try again the next month, this month, for our rainbow baby. So you know I had to come and share my symptoms and story to this lovely community that has helped me along each of my twwaits.

*Caution this post is long. I may have been symptom spotting but these lead up to my now pregnancy.

July dpo leading up to bfp:

⦁ sore nipples
⦁ gassy
⦁ tired
⦁ dizzy
⦁ lotiony cm
⦁ hungry
⦁ thirsty
⦁ nausea
⦁ warmer
⦁ irritable
⦁ peeing more often

⦁ Sore nipples fading away
⦁ Boobs feeling full
⦁ A little crampy
⦁ Gassy
⦁ Light amount of lotiony cm only when I check
⦁ Moody
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Very hungry
⦁ Sleepy
⦁ Lower back ache
⦁ Thirsty
⦁ Peeing more

⦁ Dizzy
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Vivid dreams

⦁ Wanting to cry
⦁ Light cramps on left side last night
⦁ Sensitive nipples
⦁ Heavy bo0bs
⦁ Low libido
⦁ Hot last night (unusual)
⦁ Chest pain (gas?)
⦁ Crazy dreams
⦁ Headache
⦁ Light cramps right side

⦁ Nausea
⦁ Tired
⦁ Light cramping

⦁ Backache
⦁ Leg soreness
⦁ Hungry
⦁ Horny
⦁ Crampy
⦁ Tired
⦁ Sore nipps

⦁ nausea
⦁ backache
⦁ moody
⦁ full bo0bs
⦁ sore bo0bs
⦁ crampy
⦁ tired!!!
⦁ crazy dreams
⦁ waking up mid night
⦁ metallic taste
⦁ peeing more

Now I am currently 4 weeks and 6 days along. I have already missed my period which was due the 16th of this month. Today is the 20th. I am still experiencing many of these symptoms. Especially the full and sore boobs, moodiness, and being tired.

I took a digital test after I got the faint positive before my missed period that said pregnant 1-2 weeks. Last week I took another digital test that came up pregnant 2-3 weeks. I am happy that my hcg levels are rising this time unlike last month. I plan to take another test tomorrow at 5 weeks to assure they are rising further, it should say 3+weeks. I will be seeing the doctor soon and scheduling an appointment at 8 weeks or so, whenever they can get me in.

I am happy but still have a hard time taking in the fact that I am actually pregnant. I have only told my fiance of course, two friends, and my mom. I do not plan on telling others until things are looking safe and secure. Although we never broke the news of the chemical pregnancy to our extended family who lives out of the state. Soo to avoid explaining a loss I plan on telling them my due date changed.

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Hi, that's great news! How far are you into your pregnancy now? I had CP last month and I'm deciding if we should try again next cycle or skip a cycle? 

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