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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP no symptoms after 6 months ttc!

So I vowed to myself that if I got pregnant I would share it with all of you since I've been a creeper on here since like my 3 months ttc. My period was due the 24 it is never a day late ever, if anything it is a day early sometimes. Well no period and then the 25th I'm 2 days late I decided to take a pregnancy test because I didn't really have any symptoms so I was nervous to test before missed period except I had back pains but nothing out of the norm like 2 days before expected period, but I wasn't feeling like myself and it didnt seem like my period was going to come anytime soon so I took the pregnancy test first thing in the morning and BFP! I was so excited I was shaking,
what me and DH did differently this month,
we used preseed and I took baby aspirin to thicken my uterine lining we did this starting lastmonth and nothing but our second month sure did the trick I believe or really it didn't hurt our chances Baby dust to you all !


baby dust to all you ladies just relax and try not to focus too much on ttc basically what I did this month I know it's disheartening hearing that but it is true itll happen when you least expect it

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