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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on 11 DPO

Hello. I wanted to share my symptoms. From 1DPO to today. I have regular 28/29 day cycles. Usually ovulate around 14/15 and this month I only BD once on CD13 and ovulated on CD14 1 DPO - temp rise by .4 degrees. Nothing else. Cm turning creamy. 2 DPO - temp rise by another .4 degrees. Sore aeriola/nipples already. Peeing a lot. Mild cramps in lower pelvic area. Hopefully not the start of a bladder infection. White creamy cm. Lotion like. Headache in the evening. Super tired. 3 DPO - a lot of CM. Very tired even with a full night of rest. Slight headache. Felt light headed all of a sudden and needed to eat immediately. 4DPO - CM is still pretty creamy. A lot of snot when blowing nose in the morning. Gassy. Bbs not sore. Sore throat in the evening. But overall no real symptoms as I can attribute almost all of this to PMS symptoms. 5 DPO - woke up very gassy. Still have a scratchy sore throat. Bbs becoming more sore. Gassy all day. No other symptoms. Diarrhea. 6 DPO - bbs sore this morning. Woke up in a sweat from a very vivid dream. Sore throat in the evening. Bbs more Sore in the evening. No headache or cramping. 7 DPO - Temp dip by .4 degrees, could it be implantation? Sore throat/stuffy nose in the AM. Bbs sore. Period type feeling in uterus. Way too early for that. Sneezing. Vivid dream. some low back cramps. Cramps seems to feel more like pokes. Left boob more sore. Left side of it feels extremely painful. Like I have a giant bruise in the evening. 8 DPO - bbs very sore. Not really cramps but like a full feeling. CM had been watery last couple days but don’t want to put thet on FF as it changes my ov line from solid to spotted even tho temps and ppl confirmed it. Sore throat in the evening. 9 DPO - sore throat in the morning. Left breast is deff more sore than right. Nipple area is very sore. CM is kind of a milky white. Not thick. Thin milky white. Not really any cramping. Not sure if it’s nausea but a weird empty feeling. Mouth watering feeling. Headache in the afternoon. Very sleepy. Sneezing. 10 DPO - woke up with sore throat. Temp went up a bit. Bbs still sore and very firm. Side of bb sore. Vivid dream. Very bloated full feeling. Gassy. Af feeling cramps. Headache in the evening. Diarrhea. 11 DPO - feels like I have a yeast infection. Left breast still sore, mostly sore to touch. Sudden dizzy spell in the morning while sitting. Never had this before. Slight feeling of nausea after dizzy spell. Light headed. BFP 11 DPO. Not even FMU and internet cheapie. What I did different this month. Started using OPK’s and also started taking CoQ10. Differences I noticed. Dizziness and the reoccurring sore throat. Kept coming back and leaving. 1 breast had significantly more soreness than the other. The larger one. Sneezing. No real implantation symptoms except a temp dip on 8dpo.

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