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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on 13dpo.. felt out

10/23-fertile cm (ewcm) 10/24- ewcm still in am. BD'd x7... lol went a little crazy (; almost pos opk at night but used crappy test that never gives good positives. 10/25- super positive opk bd'd x4... fiance had been away for a bit so this was welcome home sex lol. Lots of energy! I think today was the day I ovulated. Ovulation Day (10/26)- BD'dx4. neg opk. Nipples super sore, especially left nipple. Really emotional for no specific reason. Just wanted to cry... did cry a little while snuggling with my fiance. Super sleepy! 1dpo (10/27)- BD'dx4. Nipples suuuper sore today. Got really angry quite a few times throughout the day over stupid things. 2dpo (10/28)- BD'd x3. Nipple still quite sore. Grouchy most of the day and super tired even though I slept fine through the night. Nothing stood out. 3dpo (10/29)- BD'd. Nipples much more sore and very very erect... like sticking out farther and staying hard longer and getting hard easier. Very gassy at night. Smell of fiances onion breath grossing me out. Bunch of red acne like bumps on my butt cheeks lol (tmi I know) 4dpo (10/30)- Fiances breath still smelt like onions (faint smell) even after brushing his teeth, bleh. Bumps on butt gone! Nauseas after morning nap. Weird faint stomach cramps similar to a few days before AF. Nipples a lot more sore. Breasts feel sore now too, right boob more sore than right. Full feeling in breasts also. Nipples still easily getting erect and much harder than normal. Smell of onions in fridge was all I could focus on at work whenever I would open fridge and there was only one onion IN A CLOSED DRAWER!! Weird nausea most of day. Really tired even after drinking coffee. The iced tea I ALWAYS drink tastes off... Not really hungry at all today. Basically had to force myself to eat. Maybe cause I drank coffee earlier? 6pm relaxed pulse78- bp is 115/73. 10/31 5dpo Woke up around 9am with awful stabbing pain near right hip bone. RIGHT after peeing had awful period like cramp as if first day of af and then around noon had light period like cramping for less than a minute. 125/76 pul83 @5pm. Got really light headed and ears were ringing around 615pm. Super tired. Fell asleep so many times even with a five hour energy. Neg opk @11pm (the cramps this am weirded me out and I normally get pos opks until the day or 2 after I ov.) 11-1-17 (6dpo): Woke around 1am and got up to let dogs out. Didnt pee or anything but once I came back to bed I had the same weird period like stomach cramps for a tad over a minute. Praying for our miracle <3 woke up at 630am having to pee reeeal bad. Went pee and luckily no period like cramps after peeing!!! Maybe I am not out after all. Also, I remember my dream! All of it quite vividly. I usually dont remember them. Slight acid reflux around 930am... puked in mouth a little. Super tired in am even though I slept all night. Fell asleep at dr appt. Dr felt my stomach and when she pressed near left ovary it hurt like a quickstabby type pain. Went to work exhausted and barely got anything done. Around 3/4pm I went to the bathroom (#2) and was super gassy. Got a horrible period like cramp to the point where I almost vomited :/ had to lay down for a little bit. Had awful hot flash around 520pm that lasted about 15min. Nipples still super sore! Staying erect longer and pointing out farther. 530 temp 98.9° F and blood pressure of 125/72 and pulse of 99 (been running around though- will try again later). Super itchy right foot around 645pm. Fell asleep real early woke up with a sore throat at 10pm. Remembered the vivid dream I had had when asleep for a couple hours. Don't usually remember my dreams. 11-2-17: 7dpo- Sore throat still. Weird dream, strange that I keep remembering dreams. Left breast has shooting pain at 10am. Acid reflux also around same time. Feel depressed. Whole body aches... 1145am blood pressure 109/67 & pulse of 90. Temp of 98.8 (was taken when relaxed after driving for a half hr). Fell asleep and woke up @1:20 w/ bp of 100/61 pul86. Sore throat still but now also have horrible head ache. Fever of 99.7 @ 6pm. Fell asleep and woke up feeling worse :/ took Tylenol. Whole body has been aching all day... I'm out this month. I just know it. Tylenol helped a lot. When I got home from work my fiance was eating some spicy chicken and I could barely stand the smell I almost had to go outside. Bleh. Nipples aren't as sore but still sore. Right more sore than left (usually happens around this time)... Sorta losing hope. Checked cm while in the shower and it was white and creamy tinted with blood. Wicked hot flash after shower. BD then went to bed. 11-3-17 8dpo BFN hpt w/ FMU. woke up feeling GREAT compared to the past week(: don't feel as exhausted and my body isn't as achy. Throat ache is going away- almost gone. Didn't cramp after peeing and I normally do the week before AF (mainly in AM). Breasts feel fuller and right breasts is starting to hurt when touched. Nipples still sore but not as easily or intensely erect as they were in the past 5 days. CM isn't thick like it was yesterday. It's still white but more of a thin wet, almost slippery cm. Not ewcm but it is slightly stretchy... Strange. 415pm blood pressure 124/71 and pulse of 94. Was 117 this AM after short walk. 109/59 bp 89pulse @ 645pm after shower. Barely any cm but when I "finger some out" (eww tmi I know) it's lotion like. BFN. Shooting pain in upper stomach after BD... Maybe it was from the position lol :P weirdly horny. Didn't want sex at all past few days but today my SO just looks sooo fiiiine!! 11/4/17 9dpo Woke up feeling good again today... Normally cramp after FMU the week before AF but nothing! Took frer and Walmart 88cent test both neg. Got light headed from two drags of morning cigarette (I've been TTC forever and I caved and started smoking again- I will quit once pregnant or maybe sooner) breasts are both quite sore especially my right breast. Nipples still sore but not as intensely sore as they were a few days ago. Emotional today. Sleepy but not as tired as before. Exhausted from grocery shopping and super sweaty.. eww. BP 106/65 after bringing groceries in and pulse of 85. Blew my nose and realized there was blood in my boogers... No bloody nose but like a bright red streak of fresh looking blood. Nose feels dry. I remember my nose feeling odd 2 days ago like I'd snorted something o.O (I was a bit experimental in my teens, don't hate) 10dpo- af like cramping for 2min after peeing at 130am... neg hpt in am:( I'm out... I just know it. Called out of work and slept most of day... Cervix high and soft. Increase in lotiony cm. Weird cramp behind pubic bone. Not period like. Feeling anxious, may be from caffeine in mountain dew. Can't relax. Weird cramps randomly but wouldnt say they're exactly like period cramps. Strange cramps for sure. Almost like a tugging feeling I guess. 99.6 temp around 9pm. I've been either feeling out completely or having the tiniest sliver of hope... But really don't think this is my month. Nose is really dry and kinda burns. Boogery here n there which isn't a usual thing for me. 11dpo- woke up to pee around 4AM and did 88c hpt - checked after 2min. neg and lay down... suddenly felt an awful wave of nausea... Bleh. I always feel kinda sick in am before AF but this was way more intense I may end up puking.... Thought I was going to cramp after peeing like I do for days leading to af but nothing just odd stomach ache and nausea... Hmm. Come on, this two week wait has been so hard. I thought taking a break from TTC for 5 months would make it less stressful to come back to but guess not. Period like cramps- not strong though- and more centered behind pubic bone. Im pretty sure I am out. Breasts are still sore and feel really heavy today. Mainly sore in center and around nipple but only right nipple is sore when it comes to the nipple itself. Exhausted today. Since I'm most likely out I drank a 5hr energy and it didn't even phase me!!! Fell asleep about 30min after.... FML... Hot flash around 6pm. Super light cramps all day behind pubic bone?? Almost wondering if it's all in my head. Kind of period like but not really. 12dpo 11/7 Cried in am a lot on way to work. Cramps like af is coming all day. Some spotting in cm when checked. cervix went back up in afternoon and had ewcm with more of a white color... Stretchy and all..... Hmm... Strange. Super tired all day. Angry in afternoon. Super grouchy. Veins near breasts more prominent... Seems to happen before AF though. BDx2. 13dpo 11/8 Shooting pain in lower stomach above pubic bone when standing up first thing in am... Took a while to go away then peed and had a long painful AF like cramp which I normally get the day of right before af starts but no blood in cm yet.. Odd.. always get blood spotting for a day or so before af when checking cm straight from cervix. Cervix Still high, barely reachable so can't tell if soft. Still no AF or slotting as of 5:30pm. Realized at 7pm that no spotting and cervix barely able to reach so took digital at 8pm and it's positive!!! Looked back at am test and that was also pos! I'm still cramping. Truly felt out.

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