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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on 15 DPO

I always promised myself that when I got a BFP, I would submit my story and symptoms. Each month during the TWW, I would browse through here and grasp for any straws that might mean I'm pregnant. This month, I tried REALLY hard not to symptom spot but even so there were a few things that I couldn't push aside. Also, I did take a pregnancy test at 12 DPO and it was a BFN. It was the Clear Blue Digital, which I found out later doesn't get the best reviews because it's not very sensitive and can often be inaccurate. This morning (15 DPO) I used First Response and I got a pretty quick BFP, but the line isn't super dark yet. I can't say for sure if it would have been positive on 12 DPO, but I don't think it would have. If so, it would have been a real squinter. I don't really track or pay attention to what day post ovulation symptoms happen on, so I'll just make a list from the most frequent and noticeable symptoms. 1) Head rushes and dizziness galore - It just started getting hot and humid in the area, so I kept blaming it on that but man they are still intense at times. I've grabbed onto a wall nearby to steady myself. 2) Heightened sense of smell - This one really stood out to me because I truly have one of the worst senses of smell, and after these past few weeks I'd like to keep it that way. I can smell literally EVERYTHING, but nothing was worse than the pet aisle at the grocery store. 3) Sore neck - A weird one, but I looked it up and it can be a symptom. 4) Sore throat/a bit congested - About a week after ovulating I had a sore throat and a little bit of congestion for about 3 days. Nothing major. 5) Lack of intense PMS symptoms - Usually I get some serious pre AF symptoms and they're no more than 24 hours before AF arrives. The past week, I've been having lots of mild cramping and backaches. I kept thinking AF would be there any minute. After days of this, I started to get really suspicious. 6) And the most embarrassing one.... crying because the guy at the deli skipped over me in line. I don't even know what to say except that I don't even cry at funerals so this was new to me. Some things I DIDN'T have: I probably lacked some of the most common pregnancy symptoms which is why I thought for sure I was out this month. 1) Sore breasts - Not at all. 2) Increased CM - Just a *tiny* bit watery 3) Intense fatigue - Sure, I was tired, but who isn't? I was still going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, just falling asleep faster than usual. 4) Implantation bleeding - No spotting, which I guess I did think was weird because I usually spot before AF
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OK! So, I'm currently around 14 DPO (roughly) and I'm having ALL the symptoms you've had PLUS the ones you didn't (except implantation bleeding). I'm currently breastfeeding my 10-month-old (but he's on a lot of solids now so being fertile is a HUGE possibility) and haven't had my period since starting the pill last October. I got off the pill at the beginning of June, had a slight bleed on 6/10, and so I decided to start charting my cycle. Luckily, before I got pregnant with my son, my periods were extremely regular so I just started tracking based on that. ANYWAY, I still haven't tested positive, and my app (Ovia Fertility) and another tracking site I'm using keeps telling me I probably won't see anything until this Thursday, but I'm going out of my mind because I just "feel" pregnant. The tricky part is that since I've been nursing and my periods haven't fully returned, I feel hopeless that this is just AF. I've been crying over the dumbest things (haven't done that since I was pregnant before), nausea will hit me out of nowhere, and the metallic taste in my mouth is just getting worse. Mild cramping, but doesn't feel like my period, and fatigue that feels like I just have to lie down that very second or risk falling asleep standing up. I'm so happy for you that you tested positive! Congratulations mama! If you do read this, would you mind responding with what you think? I'm trying to hard to put myself in the mindset that I'm not pregnant and this is just my period seeking revenge for not being around for so long, but I just feel it deep in my gut (uterus?) that I'm pregnant. I just can't stand the waiting and I'm trying to not symptom spot too (lol, yeah right).

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