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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on 5th IUI with DS

I want to thank every person who has posted their successes on this site. You helped me get through the insanity-producing 2WW, and helped me feel less alone. Plus I learned a lot! With so much happiness (and a lot of worry still), it's my lucky turn now to share my story with all of you. Quick intro: I'm 35 (almost 36) and have no previous pregnancies. This was my fifth IUI using donor sperm, but my first cycle using meds (Clomid on days 4-8 and Ovidrel trigger shot).
CD8-10: Mild Clomid side effects. Bloating, sore ovaries, nausea. Our 17 year old cat died, which was so sad and I wondered if my emotions about her would interfere with conception. OPT negative CD10.
CD11: Clearblue Easy digital (smiley face) OPT was positive. Surprising b/c I usually do not surge before day 14. When I pulled the disposable part out of the reusable part of the kit, the second line actually did not look equal to the first to me, but it's digital so I figured I was wrong.
CD12: Scheduled for IUI but I was worried because I did another OPT this morning and it was negative. Usually I detect the surge 2 days in a row. I felt crazy but decided to tell them my concerns at the dr.'s office before they started thawing the DS. Dr. agreed to test blood for LH surge and do IUI later in the day if I was surging. Thank goodness I brought it up because lo and behold, I was NOT surging yet; Clearblue OPT was false positive!
CD13: More blood work and ultrasound - 2 good follicles, both on the left, but I can't remember the size. Blood work showed LH surge was coming; Dr. had me take the ovidrel shot.
CD14: LH surge in the morning. IUI. Very tired and bloated, with some cramps and nausea.
1-3 dpiui: Depressed, horribly bloated, constipated, pain in abdomen that actually made me cry a little, mostly because I didn't know when it would end. I always bloat after O but this is something new, I'm assuming from the Clomid. It felt like a loaf of bread was rising in my gut (but not in a cute "bun in the oven" kind of way at all, more like an "I'm going to explode" kind of way).
4-5dpiui: Mildly bloated. Light cramps in what feels like ovaries. Breasts a little tender. Scant CM. All typical for me at this stage of the cycle except for the ovaries, which I think was due to the Clomid.
6dpiui: Added veiny breasts to symptoms (again typical at this stage for me) and - though I knew it was probably in my head - I thought my areolas looked bigger.
7dpiui: Noticed an absence of one of my biggest PMS indicators - a UTI sort of discomfort when I pee that I get every month, for at least a week before my period, without fail. This is one of the only things I was feeling (not feeling) throughout this cycle that's quite different from a normal cycle. I'm still not sure whether this was because of pregnancy or Clomid. Light cramps. Multiple BMs today which usually means my period is coming. Feel hopeless. Vivid, fantastical dreams, including one in which I took a positive HPT that conveniently also tested the sex of the baby: a boy. :) Was sad to wake up and realize it wasn't true.
8 dpiui: Sore breasts, some UTI feelings but very mild for me, nauseous, anxious. Significant amount of pinkish CM. Passing mild cramps.
9dpiui: Sore veiny breasts, loose stool, very PMS-esque cramps that went down my legs, munchies. Low energy/irritable. All typical.
10 dpui: Similar symptoms continue. Became so obsessed with symptoms that I had to take a HPT so either way I could try to get my mind off it. Clearblue Easy Digital said "not pregnant." Glass of wine.
11 dpiui: Decided to do OPT because I think I read somewhere that it would also turn positive if pregnant (? which I don't really understand). Also a BFN. Cont full/tender breasts, cramps getting stronger with more downward pressure, near-convincing me that my period was around the corner. Somehow the cramps seemed a little different than usual - like a little more like things were widening or something rather than contracting - but figured it was in my head. I craved mustard.
12 dpiui: Expected period today, along with diarrhea which is the hallmark of my period. But instead I felt constipated. I was wondering but I still thought the Clomid may have changed my cycle. Nips a little tingly/itchy. Period-like cramps mixed with different cramps and slight UTI feelings; I felt almost no hope. But no period by the end of the day ...
13 dpiui: Woke at 5:30 AM to pee (early for me, I usually sleep through until 7 without having to pee) and OMG Clearblue digital says "pregnant"!!! This is the purest feeling of elation that I have had in a very, very long time. Also feels too good to be true.
14 and 15 dpiui: Two more BFPs! Maybe this is real. Went for blood test at dr.'s and waiting for results. I know that anything could happen from this point but it is such a relief to finally know that at least I can conceive. I wish all of you so much luck and love - HANG IN THERE on your TTC journey. It will be worth it for all of us.


It's so nice to hear that you had bfn's until 13dpo!! It gives me (hopefully not false) hope! :))). CONGRATS!!

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