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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on Boxing Day! Lesbian Couple.

My partner and I are in a lesbian relationship and have been trying for a baby for over a year For the first 4 tries, (9 tries in total over 18 months) we went through a fertility clinic in order to have IUI. This wasn't our preferred option, but in the uk you cannot purchase sperm for home use from an unknown donor. After a very difficult four tries, we decided we needed to persue another option and so approached a friend. After 5 tries (some were timed better than others!) we finally got our BFP! And it was on Boxing Day at 16dpo. We would probably have got a positive sooner but were too scared to test around the festive period! RE symptoms, there weren't as many this month as previous months when I have not been pregnant. 1-11dpo nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I did have a cold which came to nothing and was very tired, but that could have been down to lots of things. 12dpo-15dpo I thought that I was out. Horrendous period cramps which were identical to those that I get before I come on my period. The only odd thing was that they would come on strongly and then totally go. Then they wold come on again half an hour later or so. My cervix was closed, soft and high. My biggest clue was the on and off period pain. However, I was absolutely convinced I would come on my period. The cramps are still there at times today (17dpo) but a lot less frequently. A message to anyone who has been trying to conceive for a while and is symptom spotting- never give up. If we can do it inseminating 2 or 3 times a month and guessing on timings, then anyone can. Magic happens at Christmas. With regards to symptom spotting, I did it, it didn't help, but I'd do it again! Remember, everyone is different and it is very unlikely that any symptom too much before your period is anything other than PMS, pretty much the same hormones are released until the egg implants. Even then, you may feel nothing. I wish everyone a whole load of Christmas baby dust... Keep up the hope and it'll happen. X


How did you use a seringe

How did you use a seringe

Congratulations have a h&h 9 mns.

Me and my girlfriend have been trying same way as yourself, for 13months with 3 insemination each month around ovulation which we detected using clear blue fertility monitor, unfortunately with no success but also had all tests possible done with the Dr and all clear, now on our Christmas tww with preseed and acupuncture were hoping for your success, but your story gives us hope! X

This makes me so excited! Your story gives us hope!! My girlfriend and I have been ttc for half a year. I am currently at about 5 dpo. We are hoping this is our month! This tww is already driving me crazy and I'm definetly doing a lot of symptom spotting. Thanks for the encouraging post. H&h 9 months! 

Congratulations your story is very inspiring..12dpo with menstrual my fingers are crossed

Oh and this is my first iui

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