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BFP on Break with Endometriosis

Although I am being cautiously optimistic, I wanted to share my story with you ladies. After 2 years of not getting pregnant, I was diagnosed with endo in March 2004 via lap. They removed a large endometrioma from my left ovary. Shortly after that, I had a chemical pg and the endometrioma reappeared. Dealing with this, along with a bordeline low sperm count, DH and I started acupuncture, Clomid, Gonal-F and IUIs.

After failed attempts, we decided to take the summer off from treatments and begin the IVF journey in October 2005. Well, lo and behold, I'm pregnant! I had a feeling when my temps were staying up, but I waited to test until yesterday morning. Then I finally got my BFP. I immediately called my RE for some blood work and I got my results yesterday afternoon. I wanted you all to know that it can happen when you least expect it. Best of luck to each and every one of you in this journey!

Lap March 04
M/C June 04
2 Clomid/IUI-Failed
Gonal F 150-Cancelled-too many follies, high E2
Gonal F 75-Failed
June 30, 2005-BFP! hcg=1308 (21 dpo)
July 2, 2004 hcg=3470 (23 dpo)

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