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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on Cycle Day 48, 12 DPO!!! <3

Oh my goodness wow. This is pregnancy number 2. DS is 19 months.
The title of this might be slightly confusing, because my last period was May 12th. I believe I ovulated WAY late, like 2 weeks later than usual. I started having symptoms about 4 days before I ovulated (which is when I THOUGHT my period would start)

So here are my symptoms.

0 DPO- DTD, backaches, bloating, body aches, cramps, craving sweet things, Heavy Egg white discharge, slightly tender breasts, heavy nausea.
1 DPO- Breasts medium sensitive, light cramping, Feet sore all day (weird) Body aches, Medium cramps, light discharge, Medium fatigue, light dizziness.
2 DPO- NEGATIVE BLOOD TEST at Hospital. (Since I was 2 days late from when my original period was suppose to start, I figured I was prego!) Dizzy, cramps, headaches, lightly tender breasts, Diarrhea
3 DPO- Dry Discharge. None. Headache, cramps, backaches, Dizzy, light headed
4 DPO- HEAVY fatigue. light nausea, breasts really tingly and slightly sore, cramps, twinges, Dizzy.
5 DPO- Woke up randomly at 4 am, took a urine test-NEGATIVE. Took a Nap, (never do that) SO fatigued, cervix feels low and soft. Nausea, Hot flashes, Light headed.
6 DPO- HOLY Smells batman! Cervix is low and soft. Hips really sore today and tight. Yellow cervical mucus. Dizzy, Light Nausea, Tender Breasts...Moody.
7DPO- SUPER emotional. Totally freaked out over dropping an egg on the floor and mopping it up. Medium cramps, light headed/dizzy, Starting to pee frequently. Tender breasts, HEAVY Fatigue, Hot flashes
8DPO- TINIEST of tiny little pink specks on toilet paper- (implantation?) Much better emotionally, in a good mood. Lightly bloated, light creamy/yellowish discharge, breasts tender, heavy cramps with twinges and pulling, Dizzy, peeing more often.Acne- I generally have a VERY clear face. Except when prego.
9 DPO-Cervix very low and open. Lower left pinching. Lack of apetite. What? I love food! Hips feel really tight. Smelling the dog around the smelling everything! Tender breasts, diarrhea, light headed, cramps, joint pains, fatigue
10 DPO- Looking very veiny! I'm pale skinned, but usually my veins are hidden. They are poppin out! Just have that, "omg, I know I'm prego feeling!" Orange Juice tasted sick! Like metallic! Cramping on right side and all over. Uterus feels tingly. Not hungry. Acne, diarrhea, hot, super fatigued.
11 DPO- NEGATIVE home $1 test after peeing like 6 times in the morning before 10 am. Felt this weird flutter in my lower pelvis. Veins are more noticeable today. SUPER emotional today, called the Nurse and asked for another blood test and she said the doctor would only approve a blood test. Balled my eyes out. Acne, medium yellow/creamy thick discharge, HEAVY fatigue.
12 DPO- Light cramping in morning. Worked out, cried over a family baseball game on Parenthood (watched while working out) and got SUPER dizzy and light headed afterwards. Almost blacked out. Peed 4 times before I left the house at 9:30. Picked up a pack of Digital EPT tests, tested at 12:45pm, and BIG FAT POSITIVE before 1 minute!

Praise the Lord! This has been my verse the past 3 weeks!!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. - Proverbs 3:5-6


Love your verse at the end! :) I have a lot of the similar symptoms you had. I took 2 test yesterday 8/2/14 one walmart brand and one clear blue digital big negative on both. My period is supposed to staet 8/9/14 I hope when I take a test it'll be positive! Been praying all month! :)

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