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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on evening of DPO 11! BFNs on DPO 8 - 10.

Hi all. Very excited to be sharing our BFP story – DH and I are both 30 years old and this is our first cycle TTC so we know we are EXTREMELY lucky to have gotten a BFP so quickly. Had a couple of quirky symptoms that I didn’t read about on the gazillions of BFP by DPO stories I read on here during my TWW so thought I’d upload in case they help anyone else. Because it was only our first cycle I wasn’t keeping track of anything as technical as my BBT or CP or even my CM but we did use CB ovulation sticks to let me know when my LH surge kicked in. I came off the Mirena last August and have had regular 29 day cycles (apart from my last one which was 31 for some reason) since then. I also thought it was important to mention that I had two terminations when I was 21/22 (both with my now DH) despite being on birth control – I was concerned that these might have made conceiving more difficult now that we are ready for a baby but, as I said, we have been very, very lucky. O – my LH surge registered on the evening of CD14 so I think I probably O’d on CD15. We BD’d Every. Single. Day from CD9 – CD17. It took quite the toll on both of us! I lay in bed for 20 minutes afterwards and we used PH neutral lube (not Pre-Seed). DPO 1 – nothing but I have to say I did feel a bit different. We had some friends staying with us for the weekend so I had a couple of drinks in the evening. DPO 2 – nothing (other than being utterly convinced that I was pregnant) DPO 3 – nothing except that I went out for dinner with some friends and had a chocolate and hazelnut crepe for desert. About 3 minutes after my first bite I had quite a strong allergic reaction to something – my mouth and tongue and lips became incredibly itchy and felt quite swollen. I had eaten chocolate that morning so knew it couldn’t be that and had also had a hazelnut chocolate (or three) the week before. Couldn’t work it out but as soon as I got home the penny dropped and I googled “allergies in early pregnancy” and it came up that new allergies often develop in pregnant women. Obviously I got very over-excited and called DH who tried to stay calm but couldn’t! DPO 4 - 8 – nothing apart from a few mild cramps that lasted no more than 2-3 minutes each. DPO 8 -10 – mild tenderness in bbs. Keep prodding them to see if I’m imagining it or not but don’t think I am! I also develop this weird patch of skin on my knee which always feel wet. Very odd… On DPO 8 I get an absolutely MASSIVE spot. My sister who is a Dr says that my oestrogen has clearly hit new peak levels (she doesn’t know that we are TTC)! I also have very cloudy urine which is strange for me but it’s generally very pale. I take two early response HPTs on all three days, with FMU and in early evening. BFNs on all of them and I really start to lose hope even with all of these odd symptoms (except that I really do feel pregnant!) DH is convinced it hasn’t happened and tells me we can try again next cycle. DPO 11 – tell my DH not to let me test until at least DPO 13 (AF due DPO 14). I eat 5 hazelnuts to see if I still get a reaction and I do! Text DH to tell him I’m either now allergic to hazelnuts or I’m pregnant. I get home from work and obviously the first thing I do is an HPT. Get a faint BFP on an FRER and a Sainsbury’s cheapie but it’s definitely there!!! CB digital is BFN. I just start running around my bedroom saying “I knew it, I knew it!!” DH gets home and first thing he says is “you tested didn’t you?” and I just jump on top of him with the test. He can’t believe it and then he starts saying “you knew it, you were right!” DPO 12 – very faint BFP on FRER and Tesco cheapie with FMU. BFN on CB digital. DPO 13 – 15. BFPs continue to be quite faint but finally get a BFP with CB digital on DPO 14! Now it really does feel real. Am on DPO 17 now and going to see the doctor next week (it doesn’t seem to be as urgent to see a doctor in the UK vs how quickly women in the US seem to go). So, so happy and fingers crossed that we have a healthy, happy baby in 36 weeks’ time! One thing I would say is that you absolutely shouldn’t panic if you don’t get a BFP even if you’re in the “5 days before your missed period” window that lots of early response HPTs advertise. I didn’t get my BFP until 3 days before – it will all depend on how long it takes to implant because your HCG levels don’t start increasing until that happens. So don’t get disheartened too early. If I could give any advice to my pre-TWW self I would say don’t test until at least DPO 12/13 to save myself the stress but I know it’s so much harder said than done! Good luck to you all xxx
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