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BFP on first IUI

Many thanks to everyone who has posted their stories here, as they gave me some peace of mind as I waited; I hope my story will do the same for someone out there. Good luck to all in your journeys to create your families, as I know it doesn't go the way most of us expect. I'm 37 and pregnant with my first child. Because we're older, when it didn't happen for us after 6 months of trying we both got some testing done, which was all fine. We used Preseed and ovulation tests. A couple months later I went for a vaginal ultrasound and had more hormonal blood tests, which were all fine. My uterus was very slightly heart-shaped, but the doctors didn't think it would be enough to make it hard for the embryo to attach (might be something to watch for during pregnancy, in terms of the baby's position in the last couple months before birth). At about a year and 2-3 months of trying, we went to a fertility clinic, and had a couple weeks of testing (blood tests and HSG were fine). We prepared for our first month of support in trying to conceive--except that I learned my MMR vaccine was no longer active. I had to get that and we had to wait a month and not try during that month, because that's the time needed for that vaccine. It was frustrating but, of course, really good to catch that. In many ways, working with the fertility clinic just took us off our own schedule but gave us lots of support, which did end up decreasing my stress. The next month we started treatment: I took Clomid days 3-8 and had several scans that showed 7 follicles (3 on one ovary, 4 on the other). By around day 14, I had two mature follicles. On day 17 I did an HCG trigger shot, and we BD. On day 19, we had the IUI around mid-day. I laid flat for about 15 minutes after, but I spent about half the time on my left side and then the rest on my right side (recommended by my nurse practitioner). My husband and I BD that evening, just in case. Day of IUI: Sore from IUI, sore throat in the evening Day 1-3 DpoIUI: Sore from IUI Day 9 DpoIUI: Bright red blood! Enough to make me think it was AF, but it was a small rush of blood when I urinated. I put on a pad (devastated) but no more blood came after that. Day 10 DpoIUI: CM was a little watery but milky in color, which I had never seen. Because of the spotting the day before, I was worried that it was watery because AF was coming. Day 11-13 DpoIUI: Felt a very, very slight feeling in stomach, which I wondered if was nausea or the beginnings of it. My cervix was very low (felt like a nose), which again made me think of AF. Day 14 DpoIUI: Had a blood test but couldn't wait for the results--went home and got a BFP on a home test. The positive came quickly. We got the blood test results later in the day to confirm. Day 15 DpoIUI and for the next couple weeks: Tender breasts, milky CM, sore muscles all over my body (like the flu), and of course tiredness I had my HCG levels tested on days 15 and 17, and they doubled, signaling our first pregnancy. We had two scans with the fertility clinic in the next month and saw the embryo and confirmed a heartbeat, and then we were off to an OB. I'm now four months pregnant and have gone through various screening tests, ultrasounds, etc., and am feeling really excited to meet this little one.


Thanks for sharing!! I am in a very similar situation...I am 32, TTC for 1 year now and have a bit of a heart shaped uterus but same as you, the doctor told me it is not enough to cause problems conceiving. We have done all of the fertility testing and nothing is wrong. I was just told last week that my MMR is no longer active as well so am a bit bummed about having to get that and wait :( Next step will be moving forward with IUI. It's great to hear that IUI worked on the first try for you. So happy for you and thank you for your story as it has given me much comfort. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months, all the best to you <3

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