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BFP Still Can't Believe it!

Hi girls!! This is my first post, You have all helped me so much through many TTW so now that I have my BFP i want to share with you and help you guys figure it all out! I thought there was no way this was my month we only got to BD one day this whole month which was 4 days before ovulation! I still can't believe BFP is here, so any of you that are disheartened and worried about missing out on the right time, don't worry, anything can happen!!! I'm 29, have 1 DD and have had 1 chemical pregnancy and 2 m/c at 12 weeks and 6 weeks. I'm praying this is a sticky bean! So here goes with my dpo.. 1-3dpo no symptoms although I'm wondering why my bbs havent got sore yet.. they are always so painful right after Oday until a few days before af. 4dpo- Lovely relaxing day but I am exhausted! Fell asleep by 8pm in front of the TV. 5dpo- STARVING can not eat enough food. Very emotional and extremely bloated, I'm never bloated like this... mmm. 6dpo- still Starving, Runny Nose.. maybe it's my allergies and my sisters dog over the weekend. Bloat still here. 7dpo- THIRSTY like 4 liters of water later, I still want more, super hungry, runny nose, nipps very sore. Bloat still here. 8dpo- hungry, thirsty and my nose is still running. Sore bbs, some very mild cramping. What's this?! Lotion like cm? I'm normally dry until af.. 9dpo- more lotion cm, weird tight cramping, not as hungry or thirsty or bloated.. I'm sleeping like baby these days 10pm every night right through! Usually I suffer from regular bouts of insomnia. Sleeping is awesome. 10dpo- Peeing alot today at work. Do I 'feel' pregnant?! No don't be stupid.. Should I test?! NO! It's too early, concentrate on your work. Steady Thin cm all day, little nausea. Bloat is back. 11dpo- Peeing lots, lotion cm, thirsty, tired. Out for cocktails (because I'm being normal until af haha) I can't even better bothered, ready to go home after 2 drinks, all I can think about is how HUNGRY I am and what I'll make to eat when I'm home! 12dpo- bbs very sore today. Lotion like cm. Sharp feelings inutero ouch! What is that?? 13dpo- AF due! Right side cramping. Lots of lower back pain and bloating in the evening *cry* possibly dehydrated from spin class this morning? Took paracetamol! I think af is gonna come tomorrow, now dry cm, very sharp pain at top of uterus maybe is a chemical pregnancy and it's pulling away? That was really sore.. (maybe I'm just letting my previous m/c get to my head.) I have 2 know what's happening. Will test tomorrow with ic if no af. 14dpo- No af despite all that horrible cramping. Woke up feeling sick and loose bm (sorry TMI) maybe that's what all the cramping was about. Very mild cramping so far trying to drink lots of water. Very faint BFP!!!!!!! on ic.. Need to get FRER to confirm! Will retest with FRER 16dpo hopefully I'll get a darker line and no bleeding.. Still Can't believe it!!! Big give aways for me were my bbs not getting sore after O, more cm than usual, extreme hunger and lots of cramping with no spotting or af the next day.


Congratulations!! Fingers crossed for a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

Thank you so much FurbabyMomma :)

Congratulations! Just got my BFP  few days ago, wishing you the best of luck on this 9 month journey!

Thank you so much Mrs Tortoise I just did my FRER and it came up with a really strong positive not much cramping these days either :) I'm delighted 

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