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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

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Dpo 1-3: sore bbs, lower back pain (bad), stomach cramps (pulling, twinges), SHO CP, white lotion like cm
Dpo 3-4: weird dreams (could be my thinking patterns before bed) sore bbs, lower back pain, face broke out, CP & Cm same as dpo 1-3.
(Cp isn't a good indicator, but my cervix usually drops low day after O)
5- dreams, back, sharp pain @ work, bbs, diff smelling cm, cp dropped a little
6- watery cm, back,medium cp closed, dreams
7- same. Cp a little lower, tired
8- back, twinges under belly button left, bbs, tired (I worked out though) cp was medium this morning high around 4, dreams
9- watery/lotion cm, sore bbs in am, high cp in am (9) higher @ 1, tired, dreams
10- couldn't sleep last night. 8 cp was low @ 9 am cp was high. Watery cm. back, bbs(4:30 pm) feeling normal though. Period bumps on chin
11- dreams last night. Cp high @ 9. No sore bbs or back. (july 1) took a test, faint line but it was after 10 minutes so i ignored it.
14- creamy light pink discharge. period cramps early in morning and throughout the day. cp low and hard. bbs hurt when i wake up
15- bfp. period like cramps. cp low and hard, white creamy cm

reflection: i wouldn’t rely too heavily on cp, probably wouldn’t even check it. back pain is normal before my period, but this pain was way too consistent and it was different, more sore than achy. strong sense of smell, blessing and a curse i must say.. urine was very light even when i had been drinking soda, that was odd to me. also I’ve had itchy legs, arms, and stomach since about 8 dpo. before my period comes i get super tired and the only thing that quenches my thirst is water, this time was the same but worse, i was waking up in the middle of the night for water.

first appointment tuesday the 12th

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