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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Success at Age 39.5

I am an older ttc woman at 39; I was quickly discouraged by all the negative statistics, stories and sadly opinions of friends about my choice to try to conceive. I actually started to believe I couldn't conceive at all.  

I kept reading this site for some positive inspiration, and now I wanted to give back some of that encouragement to future to be mothers. After ttc #1 for only 2 months, my DF and I conceived. We feel blessed beyond words.

Here is our scoop. The second month we used Preseed once and Mucinex/evening primrose a few days prior to O.

DPO 1    BD painful
DPO 2-5 not much, cm shifted from dry, creamy and watery
DPO 6    cm dry, cramps on left side (slight) odd dreams
DPO 7    cm dry, boobs slightly puffy
DPO 8    cm stretchy, yellow, vivid dream
DPO 9    cramps AF like but milder, hunger in middle of night, red dots on underwear (not sure what that's from) broke out on jawline (not usual) cm wet/yellowish,constipated
DPO 10  hunger at night, yuck mouth, stuffy nose
DPO 11  hair loss, cm wet but slight, AF like cramps, BB's feel heavier
DPO 12  cm dry, itchy throat,sneezing
DPO 13  hunger at night, dream (Dr. said I had twins....) not likely :) cm dry, yellowish, AF like cramps, cold symptoms, yuck mouth
DPO 14  sore throat,
DPO 15  sicker and sicker (yikes the runny nose)
DPO 16  sick like a Mack truck hit me, nipples shooting pains, clear wet cm, noises in tummy, queasy (but only a moment)
DPO 17  vivid dream at 3:30am (I had 2 lines show up on test) so I got up and took HPT at 4am...Christmas Morning...BFP!

Here is praying our little bean stays. Stay positive ladies!!


Thank you very much for your detailed BFP story! I'm 40 and waiting to test on my first try.  I hope I'm as blessed as you :)

Congratulations on your BFP!!  I am 40 and on cycle #2 hoping for my own BFP very soon!  I too have been very discouraged by reading the negativity on conceiving after 40, guess I should just stop reading that stuff!  I am always uplifted by the stories of someone close to my age being sucessful!!

Congrats again!! :)

Congrats!! Thank you for posting! I'm 40 and going to be 41 in Feb and this is my first cycle of TTC. Also I have stopped reading the negativity as well as it was starting to bum me out a little. Maybe we can start a positive chat for those of us 40 plusers?

Thanks for posting. I'm trying to stay positive as I'm having symptoms but still BFN.

Congratulations! After TTC with my ex for two years, I was told it was probably too late. We broke up, and six months later, after too much red wine, I had unprotected sex with a hot guy I didn't know very well. Bam! Pregnant. I had a healthy pregancy, and gave birth three weeks after my 40th birthday. My daughter is now six years old and amazing...such a blessing in my life!

BTW, the reason I'm lurking here... at 46 years old and AFTER my new hubby's vasectomy, I have every symptom in the book! BFN today, but who knows...? If I am, I have every confidence that I'll have another healthy pregnancy, despite being so "old"! LOL

All the best to you and your little bean!

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