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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP, Symptoms after Lap for Ectopic PG

I suffered an ectopic pregnancy in April/June 2005. We lost our angel along with my left hand fallopian tube, which as you can imagine was devastating. Our immediate panic was "if it happened this time, what if it happens again and we lose the other tube??" Especially as the surgeons could not find any reason for us to have had the EP in the first place.... you will always read that it sometimes happens to women who had scarred fallopian tubes but mine were perfect apparantly.

The amazing news is, that after 2 BFN cycles, the 3rd one we got another BFP!!!!! At the time of posting this I am 21 weeks pregnant :-D

I hope this can give anyone who's lost a tube some hope. Babydust everyone!!

My Early Pregnancy Symptoms:

1dpo: nothing
2dpo: creamy cm, skin break out
3dpo: creamy cm, slightly tender breasts
4dpo: creamy cm, slightly tender breasts, slight cramping, headache, diarrhea
5dpo: slightly tender breasts, slight cramping. Very vivid dreams last night. diarrhea, headache
6dpo: sticky cm
7dpo: dry cm, tender breasts are sore more to the edges. Pain seems to be sharp pain rather than an ache at around 5pm. By 11pm breasts feel bigger and sorer all over. Wave of exhaustion at 8pm - fell asleep! Very vivid dreams last night, gassy.
8dpo: creamy cm, gassy, temder breasts, increased appetitie.
9dpo: creamy cm, gassy, headache, fatigue, tender breasts. Very vivid dreams last night. Not craving sweet things as much as usual. Had to have arvo nap.
10dpo: more cm than last week, tender breasts and they feel huge!
11dpo: creamy cm, gassy, boobs still feel big and fairly sore. Cramps bad at times, dissapear at others. FAINT + PREGNANCY TEST!
12dpo: creamy cm, cramps, gassy, tender breasts. STRONGER BFP
13dpo: creamy cm, cramps, tender breasts. ANOTHER BFP
14dpo: creamy cm, cramps, tender breasts, gassy.

** headaches were unusual for me in 2WW - I usually only got them around ovulation.
** going off sweet things lasted until about 13weeks pregnancy!

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