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I wanted to post my symptoms because I know how much they helped me when searching for symptoms. I am 38 yr old and DH is 45. We have 4 kids, 20, 18, 16 and 3. I wanted to have one more so my little one wouldn't grow up alone. I was worried because of my age that I would have a hard time conceiving. This is my second month ttc. My Cycle started on April 24th Pretty sure I O'd on May 8th or 9th (do not temp or use opk's) We BD on CD 12, 14 & 15 1DPO - felt spasm on lower left side, lasted for like 10 seconds, felt like when you get a twitch in your eye. 2DPO - Very tender in pelvis and tender during sex, corpus luteum cyst forming?? CP: mid, soft, closed CM: Creamy mixed with some ewcm 3DPO - Still tender in pelvic region but not as bad. CP: same CM: Same with more ewcm?? 4DPO - tenderness went away, felt normal as I do every other cycle. CP: same. CM: Some tacky white with moments of ewcm, the super clear stretchy kind. 5DPO-7DPO - felt same as every cycle CP stayed the same, Only different symptom was the ewcm that I kept getting was the same as during O. Very abnormal. 8DPO - Same 9DPO - ewcm stopped and have creamy CM. Had pain shoot through uterus but was more concentrated on right which was weird cause O'd on my left, implantation?? Had bad diarreah, sorry for the tmi ;) CP: mid, felt like tip of nose and very closed. 10DPO-11DPO - Started feeling like AF coming, same cramps and heavy feeling. Was so strong I had a dream I started and woke up crying and ran to bathroom to check but nothing. Had super vivid dreams every night. CP: mid, felt like tip of nose still and closed. CM: went from watery and milky colored to creamy and back again, was strange. Also, had a couple moments of pale yellow thick ewcm type when I would wipe, mucus plug forming?? Felt like I had to pee but would go and would not be that much come out, over and over. 12DPO AF Cramps not as bad, in fact hardly at all. Felt slightly achy down there. CP: same but feels tightly closed. CM: Still watery and a little creamy mixed together. Still more pale yellow ewcm mixed in. Starting to suspect I am pregnant. Plus I always start my period 2 to 3 days early every month. 14DPO: took test with FMU amd faint positive. CP is very, very high and can't even reach it, feel very soft and CM is very creamy and white snd lots of it. Getting the pulling pains I remeber from my last ones. Breasts are slightly tingly and sore. Have to pee a lot. Heart palpitations, burping a lot. I know they say u get constipated but not me, I have to go twice as much ;) Today I am 2 days late, have headache from the fluctuating hormones, breasts getting heavier but not really sore, hungry, tired, pubic bone pain, slight nausea when waking, lots of Creamy white CM, tender pelvic area with off and on mild cramping and pulling. Sorry for the long winded list. I just know when i was looking, I liked descriptive symptom lists. I can say that when they say it feels like AF is coming, that is exactly what it felt like. I just knew I was out. To all you lovely ladies searching for your signs I pray that God blesses you with a happy, healthy sticky bean!



 I also like descriptive lists and to be honest, your descriptions pretty much match mine right now.... I think I'm out tho. They really do seem typical AF for me as well (except for the thicker ewcm mixed w creamy- thats different) BUT I've been tricked w new AF symptoms before. Lol Highly doubt I am, but we shall see.... and thanks again for the detailed post!! Best luck on your journey and congrats!!! :)

I'm at 15 dpo now (the day AF should start for me) and got my first (very clear) bfp at 10 dpo (and a bfn at 9 dpo with a different brand). after the bfn I told myself I wouldn't test again for a few days but I felt sooo ill on 10dpo. My throat was sore and  I felt like a got ran over by a bus. no other symptoms. But than I remember my sister once pointed out to me that all of our friends had been ill just before them finding out (probably because your immune system needs to stop for a while so implantation of the 'foreign object' is possible). So I tested again and there was a very noticeable line. I tested again for the next 5 days and by the third day (12dpo) the line was there even before the control. Since yesterday I'm experiencing sore and heavy breasts, needing to pee often and when I hear running water, my pee also has a different smell my DH said, I tire easily but get my energy back after a short break, I have a lot of watery/slippery cm. And for the past days I baaarely sleep, but still not that tired but I usually get tons of stuff done but not these past days. I'm seeing my doctor on Monday for bloodworks. I decided not to go immediately because my previous faint bfp turned out to be a chemical and all the blood work and drs I saw in these few days (I'm known with endometriosis so the drs here are happy to follow up from early on) were exhausting so I waited this one out a little more. So most prominent features I'm experiencing: illness, peeing, insomnia, sore breasts. Hoping it will stick!

Good luck to you valerieandbabynumberone and mamabear2, please let me know how yours turned out. I know how it feels trying to guess and wait. When are you due for AF?

Good luck to you valerieandbabynumberone and mamabear2, please let me know how yours turned out. I know how it feels trying to guess and wait. When are you due for AF?

I love the descriptions per dpo! I have the same symptoms, except for the cp and cm. I'm due to test this Sunday. Fingers crossed! Congratulations for your bfp!

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