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BFP thanks to Vitex

Finally got my BFP at (3weeks 3days ). After 6.5 months of on and off ttcing. I couldn't seem to understand why I wasn't getting pregnant until I did research of my own and found out that I was all off balance with my hormones a lot of unanswered questions then became clear to me then I found out about Vitex . This was my first month taking it. I took 3 tabs a day along with taking vitex : -I cut out all meats [ate Veggies ONLY) -I put my self on a Alkaline Diet (Search Dr.Sebi, for more info) -I took Black Coash cd1-cd11/ O'd on cd 12 -tempted / charted -STOP STRESSING Symptoms/Thought/Actions During TWW: cd11 -Positive opk at 12pm bd at 2am same day ODAY -fuller Bbs-- congested -sniffles 1dpo-dried sticky cm--fuller bbs-- congested (sneezing a lot ) 2dpo-crampie-- wired feeling like AF but more sensational-- drowsy --congested (sneezing) temp rosed 3rd time in 3 days Random migraine- dream about my womb 3dpo-Heavy bbs (kind of sensitive nipples ) 4dpo-- crampie -- erect boobies - 5dpo- Did Not Symptom Spot and my day went very good-- Full of energy--erect nipples &a full bbs (noticed them at the stop light lol! ) -- ate a big lunch (Kale Salad loaded with grilled veggies! Yum! ) unnoticeable cramps at night temp dropped .1 degree -- creamy cm 6dpo- 12am cramping a lot DF(dear Fiancé), massage therapist , gave my abdominal area a nice massage put me to sleep-- tempt drop .1 degree -- meditated - felling great-- full bbs -- creamy cm-- small panic attack while with client (professional stylist)--nausea 7dpo--12am increase in cm white milky --temp same as 7dpo- staying positive --head ache -erect nipples (small shooting pain in right nipple)- a bit moody-sleepy 8dpo- temp still dropping , discourage BFN -- (UPDATE: It was Implantation Did) 9-10dpo--Heavy Bbs , temp rise , slight shooting pain on side of breast mainly on left side -- I THINK BFP on cheapie -- very faint had to use a flash light to see it . just going to wait until AF show. Left breast burning on and off 11dpo: full breast- temp dropped .1 Degree-- AF due in 3 days (I think she's coming) Feeling energized -- 10pm: Cramping -- leg cramp after dinner 12dpo-BFP with FR and Walmart cheapie , cramping still Ladies please don't give up we all have the power of the sacred womb within us.
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What was your vitex brand and dosage and timing? I'm PCOS and just wanted to make sure I'm taking it, right. PS. I loved your last sentence. 

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