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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP that looked like a chemical- but stuck!

BFP with 1st child

I anonymously stalked this site everyday during my TWW, and so I had to 'pay it forward' when I got my own BFP! Especially because of the nearly miraculous fact that this little bean stuck!

My BFP immediately followed a cycle that ended in a chemical pregnancy (one faint positive and then no more). So when I got my faint faint faint BFP the following month, I couldn't get excited. I didn't know how to upload a photo here but I changed my profile pic to show the lack of progress from 8dpo to 10 Dpo (FRER). In fact, the line actually faded during these three days. It was terrible. On 11 dpo the line was a tweet bit darker but still so faint! So I took a $tree test (nothing), a clear blue (nothing), and a lifebrand (nothing). These were all FMU same urine (I did FMU everyday). Ugh. I got the same line on the FRER at 12 dpo but nothing on the others. I genuinely resigned myself to a chemical, but went for the doctors blood test that same day. Turns out my numbers were well into the 60's (annoying that clear blue didn't even have a hint of a line?), and the lines began progressing like crazy- I can (and do) get a super dark positive on any stick out there lol!

Here are my symptoms:

My CM was dry until way after my missed period, and my CP was low, hard and closed.

1-4 DPO- serious cramping
4-8 DPO- serious cramping, felt different from menstrual cramps, more like the sharp twinges of 'o' cramps, big time hot flashes and dizzy spells, back pain, boobs not sore but showing those bumps around the nipples, crazy fatigue (took a nap for five hours on the weekend, peering non stop

9dpo - today (5 weeks, 3 days)- cramping died down but had Burning and aching, weird thick pasty saliva, taste of blood on the back edges of my tongue, back pain, upper and and ribs very sore (like I've done a zillion sit-ups), aching hips, sore sore boobs (it wakes me up when I lie on my stomach), food aversions, and a very bizarre need to eat fajitas (like I could eat fajitas all day everyday)

Don't ever give up hope ladies!!!!!

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First off I'm incredibly grateful for your post on your bfp! I've been googling all day for some home to hold on to xo congratulations! 

You posted this on my bfp and I think your post is oddly meant for me haha, almost everything you had dpo I experienced! I also had a chemical last cycle, but this cycle 1-5dpo had serious cramps and twinges not normal for me, temp spiked at 7doo end kept on going.  I tested with a frer 9dpo after a long day out with dp, had some terrible cramps and dizzy spells while we were out so had to test and I got what I was hoping for, a very faint but obviously bfp, 10dpo tested again twice and they were still faint potentially lighter or the same, then today 11dpo I tested again and the line is almost not there :( I also told other tests and bfns so today I pretty much cried and put it down to another chemical but it's so odd because I'm still having symptoms, nauseous, tired bb pain, twinges etc I hope I'm as blessed as you and my bean sticks and it's just my fluid intake that's affecting tests or something like that. I'd love to get bloods but I'm afraid it will confirm the worst. Thanks again for your post it's truly giving me that tiny bit of hope I need to get through the week! Good luck to you and your growing baby xo

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