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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP - Thought I Was Going Crazy!

Hello Ladies, I'm going to be brave and submit my TWW symptoms for the first time as I LOVE reading everyone else's. I'm 26 and I'm grateful that I get pregnant extremely easily BUT I've suffered 3 miscarriages in the last 13 months :-S 1 @ 5 weeks and 2 @ 8 weeks. I've had every test under the sun done and everything comes back normal so my hubby and I are STILL trying to conceive number 1. Here are my symptoms for my latest pregnancy. Fingers and toes crossed that this pregnancy is a lucky one and results in a happy healthy baby!!!

1-5 dpo - nothing out of the ordinary except boobs getting larger.
6 dpo - trouble getting to sleep, vivid dreams - this is a hallmark sign for me when pregnant because I always sleep really well. Not convinced yet though cos its only been one night.
7 dpo- trouble sleeping again, vivid dreams and woke up at 4am to pee. - suspicious.
8 dpo - sharp twinge in abdomen at work, secretly excited that this a pregnancy symptom. Also vivid dreams and night time toilet trip.
9dpo - shocking headache at work and extreme exhaustion AND boobs getting sore and heavy. I've been really busy at work so I chalk the exhaustion up to that and me paying more attention to my feelings than normal. I also normal have a bowel movement once a day and I am somewhat struggling for that to happen (LOL tmi)
10 dpo - Really really tired and yawning at work all day, unable to do the house work and I'm someone who cant relax unless the housework is done but I'm too tired to care. Still having vivid dreams and waking in the night to pee. Sore boobs.
11 dpo - I go to work looking like a raccoon due to lack of sleep, I feel sick to the stomach and so tired I'm not really functioning properly, at 11am and consider going home but I have something to eat and gradually start to feel better. Presume my guts are upset because lack of sleep but secretly hope its morning sickness even though I think it would be super early for that.
12 dpo - Feeling angry and upset. I've decided I must be going crazy and decided I probably didn't ovulate at all and my hormones are severely out of whack and not because I am pregnant. I've never felt this tired in my whole life.
13 dpo - Finally have a day off work and after forcing myself to stay up late last night so I would sleep better ( I did sleep better but still had vivid dreams and woke to pee). I picked up a first response preg test while doing the groceries. Was planning to take the test the following morning but once I got it home, I felt nervous that the test was in the house and couldn't relax until I took it. I really thought It would be negative but the test line popped up quicker than the control line. BFP!!! I got a hot flush the minute I saw that line. I also started shaking. Very relieved I'm not going crazy but also nervous considering my history. I want this baby more than anything. I pray that it happens, eeek :-)

This pregnancy differed from the others a little as I've never been this tired with any of them and never felt any nausea until the 7th week with last preg. Also every other preg I had AF like cramps in the week leading up to the bfp. I've had none of that yet. I'm a worrier by nature and over think things a bit much. So I am banned from googling anything pregnancy related and my hubby and I will cautiously optimistic.


So sorry for your losses. It must have been hard. Lots of luck with this pregnancy!

What a strong mother (father) you are!!! I know it has been difficult and I am envious of the strength you two have!! Best of faith hope and love to you!!

Hey great news about you BFP :) I thought I'd comment not only to pass on my good wishes but because my acupuncturist and I were chatting today and she explained that extreme fatigue is a good sign of a sticky bean ;) I wish you all the best for your pregnancy x

Hi, I posted this and I just wanted to say I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl a month ago after a very smooth pregnancy. So to those who are losing hope of ever having a child because of miscarriage -dont- there's hope, sometimes miscarriage just happens and its awful but no matter how many miscarriages you suffer you always have a higher chance of a successful pregnancy over the chance of another miscarriage. Baby dust to all *

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