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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Unexplained Infertility, 5 failed IUI's . Accupunture and Loads of prayers

Hello All, I've been stalking this website for months now. Our ttc journey wasnt easy. DH and I had all our tests done and everything looked fantastic. Our first attempt of IUI was in August 2016 and we were positive that it would work. I had all sorts of pregnancy symptoms during that cycle. We were very positive .However that cycle failed and were told by our RE not to worry as very few ppl have first IUI successful. Our second cycle on femara failed again. This time my RE wanted to a hysteroscopy to find if I had any scars or polyps. There was nothing abnormal after the test except a benign polyp. We went with our third attempt of IUI in Oct 2016 and still nothing. Our 4th IUI was more aggressive as I was put on follistim injections.These were very harsh on my body as I felt tired all the time. This cycle also failed. I started losing hope at this moment. Decided to take a break and visit my parents in India. Had good time with my family . Decided to enjoy the holiday season in December and then continue with a natural IUI. However OPK's never showed positive so had to skip that cycle.In jan 2017 I came across lot of people talking about acupuncture and TCM for IVF(as this was our next route).I started accupuncture twice a week from a fertility specialised acupuncturist. We decided to go for last round of IUI before moving to IVF. In begining of Feb 2017 we had our 5th IUI. However that failed too. i was broken to the core. I almost lost hope inspite of going for acupuncture sessions. However my acupuncturist convinced me to try natural for few months before moving to IVF. I decided to go for IVF by June 2017(had lost all the hopes). My cycles were going well with acupuncture(more regulated). March 15th(CD 28) i have light spotting which is very normal before AF. I was convinced AF is on my way.CD 29 same spotting and on till CD32. I went for my accupunture session on CD32 and told her what was happening. She pursuaded me to take first response HPT. I was not positive at all but decided to test and boom BFP.Woke DH at 4 am and he could not believe and asked me to make an appointment for beta. CD 35 and beta shows positive.We couldnt believe. I dont know what worked. We were thrilled. I am 5w 3d pregnant and have no symptons aprt from spotting and slight cramping which I read is okay in the first trimester. Advice: Lots and lots of prayers. I prayed every single time when I found my friend or a known person is pregnant.He only knows whats the best time. Its easy said than done but thats what has happened to us. Dont lose faith. Hold on to your faith.Miracles happen.


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