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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP when I thought I was peri-menopausal

I thought I was experiencing early menopause symptoms, I'm 36 with no family history of early menopause but for some reason my hormones started going crazy even though I was on bcp. Massive break-outs, recurrent yeast infections, pain in one breast. From what I can tell now, my body seems to have just been rejecting the bcp. Two months after ditching it, my skin had cleared, my moods were better, less yeast infections. The one thing that did concern me though after coming off bcp was that I had 5 cycles that were 12-15 days long (as soon as O was supposed to happen, AF arrived) and I knew 2 week cycles were another menopause symptom. After putting up with AF every two weeks I decided to visit the Dr, and she referred me to a specialist, suggesting I might just need a round of Clomid. I decided not to go down that path so soon and thought I might try Soy instead but to my amazement, I ovulated 5 days later and my cycle ended up a healthy 23 days. I had cramps all luteal phase though that suggested massive hormone imbalance. The next cycle (current one) I must've ovulated properly. I definitely felt it!! Symptoms: CD11: About 4pm felt shooting pains in right ovary for about 1 hour. Wet CM but no Eggwhite anymore CD12: Assume this was continuation of ovulation day 1DPO: Nothing 2DPO: Left boob still a bit sore after ovulating. Dip in temp today, but certain I'd O'ed 3DPO: Lots of creamy CM - more than I've had since being off pill. Mild thrush symptoms today. Temp higher today, got my crosshairs on FF 4DPO: Tired legs this morning when running. Cardio fine. Had some stretchy white cm. Little stabbing pains in boobs during evening and ache behind areola. 5DPO: Had very vivid dream of crashing my car into a pool. Woke up bursting to pee even though my last drink was at 8pm last night. Very firm cervix today. very slight ferning (not really enough for transitional). Felt something biting/stinging my foot at night but there was nothing there. Had to pee at 3am again. 6DPO: Bursting to pee again this morn. Some stretchy yellowish/white cm this morning. minor partial ferning. Weird burning/tingling on legs when I get to top of hill..something to do with blood flow?. Little twinges and stretching on left side uterus. Funny big bubble in right ovary tonight. Got very hangry at my girls. Light headed at fish n chip shop - this might've been hunger though. Boobs still having pains up towards armpits today 7DPO: very minor amt of trans ferning today. Nipples no longer tender(always after O). Boobs not sore in general. Still having to pee during the night and a lot! 8DPO: still boob pains. The partial ferning is disappointing (always get before AF). Assume this month is a fail. Had a lot of boob pain at bedtime..must be pms starting early - I only have 10 day luteal phase. Also had massive dizzy/spaced out spell when I got home from Auckland (2hr car ride). 9DPO: Had some cramps this morning and also very hungry again - had to eat something (I generally don't eat breakfast) 10DPO: Seems that ferning is less than yesterday, which is weird, normally is builds before AF. Temps taken a dive, so at least my cycles are regular again, remains to be seen if I'll get a decent period yet though. Everything today suggests a perfect transition to AF. The only odd thing I had very rapid heart beat this evening and my temp was bouncing between 36.3 and 36.6 11DPO: ok, confused by today's temp, very odd, it's back up to almost highest value in luteal phase! AF is due. Some crampiness going on but not like AF crampiness, just discomfort. Start to think that the cramping I felt at 9dpo might've been implantation and yesterday's temp might've been the implantation dip. AF is a no-show 12DPO: Very very faint positive, looks like I shouldn't be able to see anything until tomorrow if implantation only happened 3 days ago. 13DPO: Faint positive So the only things I noticed that were odd was the boob pain (but really only in one boob) and having some evening cramping from 12DPO. I had residual bleeding with my first baby and implantation bleeding with my 2nd. So far no bleeding this time.

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