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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with 1st IVF!

After frantically searching for IVF success symptoms during my two week wait, I promised myself if I got a BFP, that I would add my own story to help others that were going through the same thing I went through. My journey started in January, I had 3 failed IUI's until I decided to move onto IVF. Once I started the IVF process, they realized that I did not produce a lot of estrogen and I did not have a high ovulation level, which is the reason they think the IUI's failed. My egg retrieval was at the beginning of July. They retrieved 24 eggs, 17 were able to be fertilized, but only 3 made it to the 6th day. They froze the 6 blastocysts and we waited over a month for my lady parts to get back to normal. I had my frozen embryo transfer on Friday, August 28th. I had 2 very good blastocysts transferred. I had acupuncture the day before, and the morning of my transfer...which I believe is beneficial. The lady that did my acupuncture also gave me a thing called a moxa stick, that I lit and circled around my head for 15 minutes for the first week after the transfer. This was said to help prevent miscarriage. She also recommended that I stay away from any cold foods or drinks. I drank room temperature water and red leaf (raspberry) tea...its also supposed to help prevent miscarriage. I ate lots of almonds, pineapple core, and avocados and crock pot meals. Brown rice too. I stayed on bedrest for 3 days, and then took 2 extra days just to take it easy. So 5 days of resting in total. 4 days after the transfer, I had cramping for most of the day. After that it was off and on. Similar to period cramps but not as strong and lower in my belly, around the uterus area. I was just praying that it was implantation cramping!! For the past week, I have been SUPER moody/emotional, extra hungry, extra I NEED a nap throughout the day, I have a weird smell last week when I peed (I emailed my nurse to ask if this was normal), I had a cramp in my right leg which I have NEVER had before, it lasted for about 2 days, when I turned a certain way, my stomach felt tight, or if I coughed, sneezed, or laughed too hard. I just had a huge feeling I was pregnant because I had never ever felt that way before. My first beta test isnt until tomorrow morning, but my mother wanted me to take a test (I'm doing this as a single mom) with her so I did and the 2 pink lines showed up so fast, we couldn't believe it!!! And the ClearBlue Digital said pregnant right away and it says I am 2-3 weeks. I couldn't be more excited. My biggest dream was to become a mommy and its finally coming true. I pray for good results from my beta test in the morning and that I have a HEALTHY, FULL TERM PREGNANCY!!!! I cannot thank God enough for this little blessing. I will find out at my first ultrasound if there is one or two little miracles in there!!! Stay positive and everything will happen in God's perfect timing!! I hope this helps someone who is going through the two week wait...all the shots, appts, emotions were all worth it!!! Best of luck to everyone!!!


Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

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