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BFP With Bleeding and Spotting

Hi ladies, I have been reading site every single free minute I get! So here is my story: I'm 35 DH 36 and we have a DS and a DD and thought we would try for one more. I wasn't temping just checking my cm. I find that I don't have a great quantity of it but I guess it's quality that counts in this case! My LMP was Oct. 31st and my cycles are about 30 days. I noticed some ewcm on the 15th of Nov. in the afternoon and nothing after that. It wasn't good timing b/c DH was at work. Then I noticed some more the next day with some light brown/pink spotting, but again it was in the afternoon and DH was at work again. BD that night. Had more brown/pink spotting and then three days later I had woke up and had red blood in my underwear (TMI). I also have spotting to light bleeding starting at least a week before AF. So I didn't think too much of it. So here are my symptoms:

1-3dpo: Spotting. On the 3rd day is when I woke up with the red blood. (pretty much like AF)
4-5dpo: Light bleeding
6-10dpo: No bleeding, slight nausea from time to time, feeling more tired that usual but when AF is near I feel extra tired too. Breast sore but they usually are before AF too.
11dpo: Bleeding after going to the bathroom. It is bright red and is enough to turn the toilet water red (I know, TMI again!) Thought ok, I'm out this month. Then the bleeding tapered off and turned into spotting but I had lots of cramps. Took some Advil and got a heating pad. Thought for sure I was out. Breasts still sore.
12dpo: slight spotting in the morning but no real bleeding. Thought maybe I should take a test to make sure. So I POAS and waited a couple of minutes and BFN. Left the test on the counter and when I went back to the bathroom an hour later, I went to throw the test in the garbage, took one last look and there it was: BFP! well not that big. It was a very faint line but DH said he thought he could see it. Then a little while later bleeding picked up a bit, and cramps are still bothering me. Went out later tonight and bought a CB digital so that there would be no line to decipher. Just a straight forward pregnant or not pregnant. It came back pregnant 1-2 wks!

I'm not feeling too confident that this will be a sticky bean but I did have bleeding throughout the first trimester with my daughter but I don't remember the cramps being this much of a bother. I'm going to call my OB in the morning and get a beta HCG. Hopefully it is good.
Good luck to all you ladies out there. Hope my story helps you keep faith if you are experiencing bleeding/spotting like I am. Baby dust to you all!!


This has helped me so so much , good luck and magic baby dust :) xx

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