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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid, cd 3-7

Hello, here were my symptoms and my story....
2nd Cycle of Clomid

Cycle Day 3-7 took clomid, and got minimum cramps, but had headaches (much better than first cycle)
Cycle Day 14, I detected my surge
Cycle Day 15, surge was still there, but fading
Cycle Day 16, surge was gone
Cycle Day 19-21 I felt alot of cramps (Ovulating)
Cycle Day 22, I went to the doctors office and had my progesterone checked (It was 27) The prior month is was only 17. My Doctor advised me I may be pregnant, and If I wasn't I should definetely get pregnant next month.
Cycle Day 23-28, I had mad food craves for popeyes chicken and temperature stayed high.

Cycle Day 15-16 I Ovulated for sure! (my temp was elevated to 98.2-98.8)

7 DPO: was when I had my progesterone levels tested and they were high (27) This would have been after implantation.

8-10 DPO I had mad food craves for popeyes chicken and my temperature stayed high. My normal temperature is 97.7 (my temp was elevated to 98.2-98.8) and still has not went down.

10-12 DPO: Tested, but got BFN.... I was so disappointed...My breast are really sore and I have blue, greenish veins going across my breast and chest.

13-14 DPO: Tested, still got BFN..... My period was due of day 14, but nothing....Having slight headaches and breast still really sore. Been having hot flashes and nausea also.

15 DPO: Tested with first response, got faint BFP.....I just knew it would be negative, so I took it and walked out of the bathroom to finish getting dressed. I came back in moments later and saw a faint line (BFP)....I screamed and woke my husband up....He said "what's wrong?" I said I'm pregnant....He wanted to see, but you could barely see it...

So I went out to Wal-greens and bought a clearblue easy digital, walgreens digital, and answer HPT....I came home and took all of them along with a dollar tree test, and they all said pregnant...(Dollar Tree test was really,really faint).

I went to the Primary Dr's office later that afternoon to confirm...My Urine came back BFN....I was like, oh my GOD what is going on....My Dr. said not to panic and sent me to a Baptist lab to have my Blood drawn (Quant...Serum) Got BFN..... I was so stressed and depressed for the rest of the day....I could not work at all... It did not make any sense....

I called my OBGYN, and he said he didn't know what to tell me, the blood test is more accurate. I said, but I took, 7 different HPT....He said the blood test should be correct and go with that result.

He called me back a few hours later and said, he thought about it; and that the levels of the lab who took the blood tests could have been off and set to high...I asked him about the Dr's office urine results, he said, it could be the same case...He wanted me to come in that day to be tested with urine by him and he would also send me to their lab to draw his own blood work...

I went to see him at 8:30am the next morning, the urine came back BFP....He said great!, lets check your blood, to make sure there's nothing in your urine giving you false positives....I took the Quant. Blood Test and got BFP, again........Yeah!!!!

So we are pregnant, and hoping for a GIRL! Due June 27, 2007....

Ladies if a Dr. tells you you're not pregnant, and you feel like you are, get a 2nd opinion....Some Dr's and Labs can be wrong...Even the blood test!

Good Luck, and Baby Dust to you ALL!!

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