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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with cramping and spotting

First off, let me just say I have been in your exact position for 4 years. I've looked up every symptom under the sun to try to figure out if I was pregnant so lets be real... you don't care to hear about my story. I'm going to go straight to my symptoms that I felt after transferring a 5 day embryo!

1dp5dt-2dp5dt: Immediately after transfer I was super gassey and that lasted for the entire day. No other symptoms other than that.

3dp5dt: I kept getting hot flashes at night. I could not get comfortable and I didn't get any sleep

4dp5dt-6dp5dt: Absolutely no symptoms. I was feeling so discouraged cause I read about so many other people having symptoms during this time period.

7dp5dt: no symptoms in the am but at night I went to the bathroom and saw the slightest bit of brown on my underwear and I started cramping. I was so numb cause I thought for sure my period was coming. A couple hours I wiped and it was a brighter red. I thought I was for sure out cause I heard bright blood was not good. I started crying to my husband. During that time I also had a pounding headache which I just thought was from crying so hard.

8dp5dt: spotting is completely gone. There was just residual brown blood but I was still cramping. Just for the heck of it.. I measured my pulse and it was 84 bpm! That was odd for me because it's usually 70 bpm. I still felt like I was out but I kept praying.

9dp5dt: no symptoms other than headaches in the morning.

10dp5dt: beta test!! God gave us our miracle because we got our positive!! Beta was 125
No symptoms at all.

12dp5dt: beta was 324. No symptoms at all

If you're reading this, please do not be discouraged if you don't have any symptoms or you didn't spot. Every pregnancy is different. Before I got my positive I thought I was out. Even though I did write some symptoms down, they were not significant enough to think I was pregnant. After 4 years of infertility which included 2 failed iuis and 2 failed ivfs, the best advice I can give is TRUST IN GOD. whether you do end up pregnant or not, it's all apart of his plan and it will make sense in the end.

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭3‬:‭5‬ NLT)


This is wonderful. You did it! Isn’t it wild how misleading symptoms (or lack thereof) can be. You really put things in perspective: don’t freak out over all that stuff because you just never know. In your case, the spotting sounds like it was just implantation bleeding! Thanks for giving us hope with this beautiful post and congratulations!

Hi ladies, this is my 1st time writing in one such chat group.
I just underwent an ivf cycle, my 1st one. I have a long history (vaginismus, unicornuate uterus, 2.5 year old miracle baby boy with Down Syndrome conceived via very first attempt of IUI, later 3 failed attempts of IUI for second child and now going through IVF). Both me and DH are 35.

I had my beta 10 days after embryo transfer on a Monday which was negative (1). I was asked to stop all supportive medication (estrogen patches, prog pills and injection) and go back to my RE for baseline testing on day 2 or 3 of period. I got my period on Friday and the office is closed on weekend so I went in Monday April 30 (day 4 of period). Now I got a call saying I need to get tested again in 2 days since my beta hcg is 225.

What just happened? Did I miscarry? Ectopic? I have a lot of mixed feelings here. How is this even possible? I had a full fledged period.

And my beta on Tuesday may 1 went up to 374

7DPO: No allergies but I start noticing I have a ton of post-nasal drip. Just like excess mucus at the back of my throat constantly. I have read this can be caused by estrogen. My nipples are a little sensitive, just a little though and maybe a little more hard. Big wave of fatigue at night before bed. Horrible gas at night. I mean just horrible. Poor hubby. 8DPO: I had a few sharp pains today but they felt like they were at the back of my uterus and would stem down to my anal gland. No noticeable cramps. Still phlegmy. It’s very annoying actually. The disgustingly smelly night gas is back, it's weird to me that it’s only at night? 9DPO: This had to be implantation day. Dull headache. I had full on AF cramps, like the ones where you literally think it's coming at any moment. These turned into a lower backache and then stopped. Had a few more at night. This day I started getting excited. I had LIGHTNING CROTCH at night. Just once, it literally felt like someone stuck a teaser to my V and it shot up my cervix. I jumped out of the recliner it was so intense. Also you guessed it. Gas at night, just awful.

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