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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Days of Positive opks!

Me and Hubby have been ttc for 16mnths and I’m cant believe I’m writing on here AT LAST! I wasn’t taking anything to help just letting nature take its cause! So after always reading everybody’s symptoms I feel I have to let those who r still trying to read my symptoms :)

1dpo Heartburn
2dpo no symptoms
3dpo bloated, back ache
4dpo crampy and ewcm?
5dpo lots of wet cm, crampy faint positive opk
6dpo cramping yellow cm, bad wind sorry tmi! faint positive on opk again thinking I didn’t ovulate and I’m trying to again?
7dpo Cramping on and off, lots of ewcm, another faint positive opk?
8dpo Feeling that af is coming early, feel like I got a load of change in my mouth yuk! Another faint positive opk?
9dpo Dodgy tummy runny toilet sorry tmi...soaked knickers wet yellow cm! Another faint positive opk?
10dpo lots of yellow cm, cramping and back pains didn’t do an opk that day.
11dpo Sore boobs on the sides, more yellow cm, my ibs is bad (irritable bowel syndrome) Positive opk!
12dpo So tired, feel drained, hot flushes and my sinus's are blocked feel like I’m getting a cold :( decided to use a first response test with the fmu I left in my bathroom...and BFP!
So I am proof that opks was picking up my hcg before my pregnancy test! After seeing a BFN for 16mnths I finally see a BFP please ladies don’t give up hope I pray u all see ur bfp very soon xx


CONGRATS!!!! I can only imagine your strength and patience with 16 mnts of TTC and now it is all worth the wait!:)

One question: when you say you had "faint positive" OPKs, did you mean that the test line was still lighter than the control line, or that the test line was as dark/darker than the control line, but just not very much darker? I think it's fascinating!

Congrats again girl!

Hi thank u for ur congrats! my opks were dark but not darker then the control line the kind uget before u get the positive it was like my body was gearing up to ovulate again...but i knew i had already ovuated! thats when i sorted of had a clue that maybe i was pregnant...i read online abou how opks can pick up hcg so im living proof lol good luck with ur bfp hun xx


Wow! Ya...I'm wondering if same thing isn't happening to me. I had positive opk's at day 20 and 21 of 29 day cycle. That's awfully late to be ovulating but stranger things have happened.

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