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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP With Endo After IVF #1

I was thinking about this community this morning even though I haven't met any of you. I remember obsessing over every symptom, tracking everything, reading these posts to get some hope. I wanted to share my happy story with you! When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with endometriosis via exploratory lap and still I was shoved off by my PCP because "I'm sooooo young, I have plenty of time". Ladies, ignore this. This is a generalization and really may not apply to you at all. I went to a different doctor...found out I wasn't even ovulating let alone the problems I had with endometriosis. With fertility, TIME is everything, so don't just sit back and wait if you aren't ovulating, have a blocked tube, a male factor, ect. Be proactive. Tried Clomid & injections for a month or two each and then decided to do IVF- worked the first time. Physically I did not find it hard on my body at all. Emotionally and financially it's insanity but its more than worth that BFP...... 0-6 DPO- nothing 7-8 DPO- DIZZINESS! This was my very first symptom. Light BFP, definitely not evap- got darker everyday afterwards. 9-15 DPO- dizziness continues. No nausea, no breast changes. Another + was NO signs of period coming (used to think cramps were implantation when it was just my period). 16DPO- Beta in the 300's! 18DPO- Beta in the 1000's! 7 weeks found two heartbeats. I'm now 6 months pregnant with twin girls, no complications. I wouldn't look into your pregnancy symptoms so much at such an early stage-- just take those tests and be familiar with what a evap vs real + looks like so it doesn't break your heart. Never thought it would be me some days, but I loved and trusted God to be with DH & I through it and he gave us TWO! :) Good luck to you girls. I know how hard it is on the heart & know I wrote this total random post in hopes that it would help least one, today.


Twin girls! That's awesome Wishing you a happy and healthy delivery

Congratulations, enjoy!

Congratulations! May you have a safe delivery!

Congrats!! I start my meds next week for our 1st cycle. I'm so excited :) How many did you out put back in? That's my main worry right now...

Congrats dearie,happy for you. Can you please let us into the protocol your doctor used for you... i had a failed stimming session,didnt produce much eggs,had to postpone the next session...

I put back in two eggs, and both took. I think a good rule of thumb is to not put back in more than you would be thrilled to actually have!! (At my clinic the limit is two though for safety reasons). They will put in more if you are older (I dont remember the age) but in your twenties they wont do more than 2. I had a failed stimming session too so don't be discouraged-- sometimes you have to do some trial and error to figure out what works for your body. I used Bravelle and Menopur, went in for daily appointments so they could adjust the dosages as needed. I produced about 11 mature eggs, eight of them took, 4 of them survived to day 5. We have two frozen and obviously the other two are my 6 month twins!

Wow, what a beautiful story & twins!!! Ahhh I am so excited for my 7 week scan to see if it is twins. I got pregnant my 2nd cycle on Clomid after irregular ovulation & suffering 2 early losses. Praying this lil' bean (or beans) are sticky & healthy & here to stay! Your story definitely inspired me today, the day I announced our pregnancy & am one month pregnant with our dream come true. Thank you for sharing your story & inspiring. Wishing you & your family many more blessings.

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