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BFP with Endometrioma

Hi Everyone,

Like all of you I have been trolling these sites for a long time looking for clues to help me on this journey. So I thought I would share my story so hopefully it will help out others.

The main thing that I have done differently every month since my diagnosis of my endometrioma was:
-Strict diet of no diary, no caffeine, no gluten
-Acupuncture every week. This was huge for me! It helped me sleep and it completely regulated my cycle. I have always been 28-30 days but I would always spot 4-5 days. With the diet and acu the spotting went away completely after 4 months and so did the pain! I can't recommend it enough!

What I did differently this cycle:
-I was on holidays this month so I slept a ton!
-I used Chinese herbs that my acu prescribed
-We did it in the morning the morning I ovulated

My cycle notes:
CD 11-Watery cm BD with hubby
CD 13- EWCM bd in the morning with the hubby
DPO 1-6- nothing out of the ordinary
DPO 7-8- Really cranky but surprisingly energetic
DPO 9-10- My appetite came back in full force!!! I was wanting to eat everything!!!! And I never have much of an appetite. My boobs hurt too.
DPO 11-12- Heart Burn!!! Ive never had heart burn in my life :( It was not pleasant
DPO 13-14- No PMS symptoms. I didn't have any CM but it still smelt like I was getting it (metallic smell that i always get right before AF so i thought i was out).
DPO 14- Test with first response and clearblue both came up positive instantly!

i am still in shock- but i am trying to reserve the celebration until the 12 weeks have passed just to be sure.

My OBGYN told me that i had a 1% chance of conceiving because of my endometrioma in my left ovary that is 6cm. I was getting ready for the lap surgery (in a year!!!!! :(). I know it sucks when everyone says this- but don't give up hope. Some people it works right away and others it takes a while.

The last 8 months have been really hard! The ladies who are on this long road- you guys are so strong!!!!! It will end.

Take the herbs, run and do acupuncture.
Hope this helps :)

Products used: 


Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 mos.

congratz on your bfp!!! so happy for you H&H 9 months :)

Question what herbs did you use?


They were called 'free and easy wanderer' and 'cinnamon & proia formula'. You can get them from your acu. 

The free and easy you're supposed to take everyday and the cinnamon one you're suppose to only take from day 1 until you ovulate.


Hope that helps :)

Good luck!!!

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