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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with every possible SYMPTOM.

So our background.
I am 39 yrs old and my DH is 49 yrs old.
We already have a 10 and 5 year old thanks to ICSI.
We had unexplained infertility issues and our whole 20 year marriage
has just been a roller coaster of emotions,
due to it proving practically impossible for us to conceive.
After a MC over four years ago, we decided to try naturally for 2 yrs,
as I could not face anymore IVF treatments.
I did not fall pregnant. I became very depressed and my health suffered.
We decided to give up and actually to avoid BD during my fertile period,
as I could not cope with the TWW stress every single month.
At that time, I changed my career and started a new job within the nutritional supplement field,
and my health dramatically improved.
Fast forward quite a few years.
Only 6 weeks ago I had a consultation with an american lady who lives here in France,
as she helps eliminate trapped emotions which block us from moving forward.
I have always wanted another child but have been both panicked and excited by the prospect.
Towards the end of 2014, I asked my husband if he wanted to take some risks again
as I now felt that I was in great health, especially as I was now exercising quite alot.
He wasn’t sure because of our ages, but wanted me happy.
Well AMAZINGLY we only BD on cycle Days: 9,10,14,16, 22 during the month of February.
My breasts always swell from Day 14 but this time they began later on Day 18.
For me this is a sure sign that I have ovulated.
I also had a fluttering in my vagina area, just behind the public hair region.
I thought, "hey I have NEVER had that feeling before".
Day 19/ 5 dpo: Nausea, a fluttering sensation behind my belly button, again this weird fluttering feeling in my vagina area, plus one spot on my shoulder & neck. I usually have perfect skin.
Day 20/ 6 dpo: Nausea, gagged during bd - « Hey that is weird I thought", and again this strange fluttering sensation in my vagina.
Day 21/ 7 dpo: Nausea, stomach cramps and CRAZILY a brown stain in my pants. I never spot before a period. So I thought: "This must be implantation". Plus my ankles began to swell.
Day 22/ 8 dpo: Nausea. Dizzy! Nearly collapsed in a clothes shop.
Day 23/ 9 dpo: Nausea and night sweats.
Day 24/ 10 dpo: Cramps.
Day 25/ 11 dpo: Cramps, exhausted.
Day 26/ 12 dpo: Cramps.
Day 27/ 13 dpo: Cramps, night sweats.
Day 28/ 14 dpo: Peeing all the time panic attacks, night sweats.
Day 29/ 15 dpo: Positive pregnancy result. :)
Due in November 2015.
I also experienced the following symptoms.
Dry nose, occasionally blood in nose, very dry mouth, sneezing, vivid dreams, heartburn, underarm side boob, lots of discharge.
All of which are not normal for me. I also only was totally sure from 13 dpo as even though I was pretty sure I was pregnant earlier on,
I was still finding excuses as I always have terrible nausea etc ,
but from 13dpo I just "felt" pregnant.
I hope this helps somebody out there.
If you ever want details on the supplements I use,
or the name of emotion code healer feel free to mail me:
I just can't believe I feel pregnant a) naturally and b) so quickly!
Baby dust and best wishes to you all! xxx

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glad to hear you are pregnant and i hope i am soon. i feel like i am like i just feel like i am but i dont want to get my hopes up i have lots of symptoms with af coming in 4 days

I hope you are too Cynt. Sending you best wishes. PS I also prayed, not like normal but with a real longing passion! That probably did the trick!

Congrats! Very inspiring. I'm in the middle of my tww and just as I thought I was feeling symptoms they all disappeared overnight. Does that happen? Can I still have a bfp? I did a 5 day transfer on 3/3/15 with 3 embryos. It's been 9 years since my last pregnancy so I'm not sure what to expect.

Congrats lady , wishing you all the best. #godBless

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