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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with FET after 3 Years of Infertility

I promised myself I would put my symptoms if and when it ever happened and finally happened! Still very early and I am very cautiously optimistic but trying to stay hopeful and positive. Don't give up hope everyone - if you don't have it in you to be your cheerleader, find someone who will. My husband was my rock and helped me get through the last few months.

Egg Retrieval: June 2017 - Retrieved 13 eggs
Did PGS on 7 that survived. 4 abnormal, 3 3 frozen embies
Egg Transfer August 25 with a singleton, 5DT
PIO shots every night along with estrogen 3 times a day

1DPT and 2DPT: went to mountains for a short trip and it was great...relaxing and good to breathe mountain air
3DPT: sharp twinges and cramps throughout day, drink pom juice for sh*ts and giggles, a couple of pains doubled me over, completely exhausted
4DPT: couple of sharp twinges in morning, some creamy CM, called nurse about sharp pains and she said hopefully implantation and to not worry about it too much. Few small throbs here and there. Nipples tender, tired and craving chocolate
5DPT: Tender and low cramps - no better way to explain them. Felt like period cramps. Off on and on. Creamy CM in morning. Sad and crying to husband. Exhausted. Thinking the progesterone shots were making me crazy. Nipples NOT tender today. Gassy. Totally felt like period was coming on.
6DPT: no cramps as of 9:00 am. later in day had a few low cramps off and on. More positive attitude that day. Super hungry.
7DPT: No cramps in am. Creamy CM in morning No symptoms at all. Thinking it did not work. Throat starts to get sore. 1 or 2 deep twinges in the abdomen. Hungry, 1 BIG random cramp at 9:00 pm.
8DPT: woke up with really sore throat. Tired at lunchtime, lots of creamy CM, few tiny cramps here and there. Took 2 hour nap. Did not sleep well that night. Sweating alot at night.
9DPT: woke up with sore throat again. Creamy CM and then turned to watery CM. Small dull feeling in right ovary. Cramps all day, coming and going. Lots of "pulling" feelings and recently found a term for it "lightning crotch" lol. Such a crazy name but apparently pregnant women feel it. Def. had these sharp pains to the vaginal area. Dizzy, nauseated and heartburn. Overall feeling bad. Woke up in middle of night drenched in sweat. And to top it all off, very gassy. My husband was loving me during this time, lol.
10DPT: Sore nipples, no CM - all dry and that scared me. Gassy and bloated. Pain in lower left ovary area and slightly throbbing. "Lighting crotch" pains and def. period pains. I know my body well after 3 years of examining every feeling and it felt identical to my period coming on.
11DPT: Swear CM had pink in it in am. Uncontrollable crying. Sore throat. Nothing else going on. Went in for my first beta and it was POSITIVE! HCG: 484 and Prog: 31. We were over the moon.

About 5 days after test i started bleeding and it has been off and on - of course I thought the worst but Dr. cannot find anything on U/S to indicate an issue. We go back this Monday for our last appt. with our fertility specialist. I have been told that FET folks experience bleeding more than the average person.

Know this list was super rambly but I pulled from my journal I kept each day. I was 100% convinced it did not work but lo and behold...our baby is growing and we are so incredibly happy. Dont give up hope ladies!

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