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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with First IVF <3

Feels unbelievable to write this, after so many many months of reading the symptoms of other happy ones! Our story is 2.5 years trying, both 33 years old, no found reason for fertility problems, 4 rounds of clomid, 3 rounds of IUI, 1 IVF.

Egg retrieval – The procedure was very easy, no pain, just a bit dizzy afterwards from the medication. Some pressure in the ovaries. 10 eggs were retrieved
1 day post retrieval – Clinic phones in the morning, 8 cells were mature and they all got fertilized. Feeling so happy! Took two naps. Started the progesterone suppositories in the evening. Ovaries feeling really full. Running to toilet all the time, but that’s due to the 4L of water I’m drinking.
2 days post retrieval – Feeling tired but overall really good. Ovaries feeling really full.
Day of transfer – One 3d with 8 cells. Transfer went great. Feeling really good. No resting afterwards. Three 8 cell embryos got frozen. Went to our favorite restaurant in the evening at the riverside.
1dp3dt – A day at the sea. Sun was shining. Feeling really tired but good
2dp3dt – Feeling tired but good. Some mild pressure in abdomen
3dp3dt – Feeling really tired, a bit like having a hangover even though I didn’t drink alcohol for one month. Breasts are starting to hurt, which is completely normal for me. Think I’m getting a flue, it hurts when I swallow. Got the biggest spot on my face that I ever had
4dp3dt – Still tired. Flu symptoms getting more intense. Breasts really hurting now (normal). Some pressure in abdomen.
5dp3dt – Still tired and still sore breasts. In the evening feeling a bit blue.
6dp3dt - Still tired and still sore breasts. A tiny headache, could be from the stressing. Feeling really down in the evening. Crying quite a lot.
7dp3dt – Breasts not hurting anymore. So sad. This always happens some days before my period starts. Feeling so down. Headache getting worse. Still having a flue.
8dp3dt – Bad headaches. Still feeling down. Trying to distract my thoughts, but its not so easy. Flu still there
9dp3dt – Headache still there but not so badly. Still feeling down. Crying in the night. Some mild pressure in abdomen. Flue still there, now even nose starts running.
10dp3dt – Headache almost gone. Feeling much better. Skin not so pretty, looking a bit oily and having some spots (which I usually don’t have). Some mild pressure in abdomen, could not suck in my tummy like normal.
11dp3dt – Woke up at 3am, did the test and it was positive!! Amazing! The line is quite weak, but its definitely there! So so so happy and in chock! In the afternoon my breasts starts to hurt again. Some mild cramping
12dp3dt – Tested again, still positive. Some cramping. Skin looks really oily. Breasts really painful now
13dp3dt – Tested again, line getting stronger. Quite tired. Some very bad cramps in the evening. Doctors said its normal, as long as there is no bleeding (or at least not heavy bleeding). Really painful and swollen breasts.
14dp3dt – Test again stronger. Crampy abdomen and painful breasts. Called in to book an ultrasound for week 7. Hurraa!!! Our first IVF was a success <3


I also got my bfp on my very first ivf attempt it's so unreal I was sure I would be one of the unlucky ones but no I got my bfp at 9do3dt and I'm up to day 13 and the line is very strong I have my blood test on tues xxx

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