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BFP with grapefruit juice and softcups

Background: me 31, OH 32. Low AMH (13.1 a year ago), him low morphology (1%), but everything else fine on SA. I have 12 day luteal phase, and recently my EWCM seemed to dry up a little bit. Never been pregnant before, but this was only our second month of trying, so despite low AMH and low morphology there was no proven infertility. So who knows what would have happened if we'd just left it to chance... Anyway, this is what we did: Temping, charting on kindara, CM monitoring, drank 250ml of pure grapefruit juice from CD10 to CD16 to improve slipperiness of EWCM, used instead softcups after intercourse during fertile days, monitored my follicles through ultrasound (lucky enough to a midwife sonographer), this not necessary by the way ;) it was only for my personal curiosity :) CD1 to CD5: menses CD6: spotting CD7: spotting + sticky CM CD8: sticky CM, intercourse CD8,9,10,11: sticky CM CD12: creamy CM, slippery and lubricated vaginal sensation, follicle not mature yet though (as per ultrasound) CD13: creamy CM CD14: EWCM! slippery and lubricated vaginal sensation CD15: EWCM, slippery, wet and lubricated vaginal sensation, temperature dip. Intercourse, instead softcup inserted straight afterwards and kept in overnight. CD16: another temp dip, CM somewhat creamy and vaginal sensation only slightly slippery. Intense Ovulation pain in the evening. Ovulation day! Intercourse + instead softcup overnight. 1DPO: temp rise above coverline, CM back to sticky. 2DPO: sticky CM 3DPO: sticky CM 4DPO: sticky CM 5DPO: sticky CM 6DPO: sticky CM 7DPO: sticky CM 8DPO: temp dip waaaay below coverline, sticky CM 9DPO: even deeper temp dip, sticky CM 10DPO: temp back up, creamy CM, slight nausea in the evening for about an hour 11DPO: temp dip below coverline, creamy CM 12DPO: temp dip below coverline, sticky CM. POAS (not FMU) just out of curiosity as these temps don't look promising at all... faint BFP!!! Sore breasts. 13DPO: no menses, temp very high. BFN :( 14DPO: no menses, very, very, veeeery faint BFP. 15DPO:no menses, sore breasts, faint BFP. 16DPO: breasts suuuper sore, and nipples... OMG, so sensitive and sore. Slightly darker BFP. 17DPO: temp dip, tiny amount of spotting, more brownish sticky CM. watery discharge. 18DPO: temp dip, watery discharge. 19DPO: temp back up, nausea in evening. 20DPO: temp dip, breasts not sore anymore. 21DPO: finally a clear and strong BFP :D sore breasts and sensitive nipples. I think implantation was late-ish, hence it took a while for those BFPs to get darker. I also started taking maca and vitex from CD15, OH also started maca. I honestly do not think they had anything to do with the BFP as I don't see how they would have had time to work! I think the winning combo was: intercourse on the day before and the day of ovulation + softcups. I improved the fertile quality of my CM with grapefruit juice, but if your EWCM is wet and fertile you don't need this. What I learned: BFPs can take a loooooong time to get darker! Baby dust to you all :D

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