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BFP With Heavy Implantation Bleeding

Wow I'm pregnant!!!!!
I am 31 and DH is 33. I had been on BCP since I was 18 and was not too sure what to expect being off of it.
I ended up having 3 m/c within 7 months of coming off the pill. Each was the same- extreme nausea and bloating, no spotting or sign of AF, temp would stay high. Then between 6 - 9 weeks I would have heavy bleeding. Each doc confirmed it was a m/c however with each one I never got a bfp.
This is how this how this month was different...
DH and I bd'd on both "peak" days and high day after that (I was using CBFM).
1-4 DPO nothing
5-6 DPO heaving spotting with lots of clots (I am super upset tell DH we are out again)
6-10 DPO bbs are so sore. Nipples feel like they are on fire and both breasts feel really bruised
10 DPO do $store test with evening urine- faint faint line
11 DPO FMU as DH if he can see line- he says its faint but def there. Do CB digital in afternoon and BFP 1-2!!!!!!
Since then bbs have gotten WAY more sore and CM is VERY heavy.
I am soooo excited!
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 9 months!!


I am so happy for you!! Miscarriages are so hard, I am happy you are pregnant again! Best of luck and have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!! :-)

Getting a bit frustrated as have now had 9 high days and no peaks, today will be cd19, I thought I normally O on cd17 but wasn't properly keeping track so could be wrong... I did have some fertile cm in my undies today and felt wet yesterday too so hopefully will get my damn peak today, don't think I can handle much more bd this cycle!

Question: with your bbs feeling bruised from 6-10 dpo...did it just go away after that, or do they still hurt? Only asking because I'm having something similar...from 6-9 dpo it felt as if someone punched me in my breasts and today it completely vanished. Seriously strange...thanks for any insight :)

And I'm such a jerk...I forgot to say congrats!!! Wishing you a h&h 9mnths!! Cheers!

The first month I used the monitor I didn't get a peak reading but I KNOW I ovated because I had an early miscarriage. I did a bit of reading on line and I think it's pretty common to not get a peak the first month. Second month it was right on for me- I was using normal OPK sticks so I know that the peaks were right on (I am a pee on a stick addict!!). It gave me two peak days which perfectly co-incided with CM and OPKs.
I know it is Sooooo hard but try to keep up using it just as directed until month 2- I bet you will get your peak!
Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!!

They are still hurting and I'm five days pasty BFP!!! I even went out and bought larger bras today. A good friend of my is only 7 days farther along than me and her bbs haven't hurt since the day after her BFP. Also remember when I did my fist test the line was so faint that I almost wrote it off as negative. I also never had sore bbs before or during my period so for me it was a major sign! Good luck to you and lots of baby dust!! And thank you for the well wishes - I hope you get the same excitement soon!!

Hi, congrats!! Also, wondering if your heavy spotting stopped?

I am so happy for you! I have had multiple M/C in a short period of time and am still trying for a winner. Your story gives me hope. Good luck.

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