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BFP With Heavy Implantation Bleeding

Wow I'm pregnant!!!!!
I am 31 and DH is 33. I had been on BCP since I was 18 and was not too sure what to expect being off of it.
I ended up having 3 m/c within 7 months of coming off the pill. Each was the same- extreme nausea and bloating, no spotting or sign of AF, temp would stay high. Then between 6 - 9 weeks I would have heavy bleeding. Each doc confirmed it was a m/c however with each one I never got a bfp.
This is how this how this month was different...
DH and I bd'd on both "peak" days and high day after that (I was using CBFM).
1-4 DPO nothing
5-6 DPO heaving spotting with lots of clots (I am super upset tell DH we are out again)
6-10 DPO bbs are so sore. Nipples feel like they are on fire and both breasts feel really bruised
10 DPO do $store test with evening urine- faint faint line
11 DPO FMU as DH if he can see line- he says its faint but def there. Do CB digital in afternoon and BFP 1-2!!!!!!
Since then bbs have gotten WAY more sore and CM is VERY heavy.
I am soooo excited!
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 9 months!!


I am so happy for you!! Miscarriages are so hard, I am happy you are pregnant again! Best of luck and have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!! :-)

Getting a bit frustrated as have now had 9 high days and no peaks, today will be cd19, I thought I normally O on cd17 but wasn't properly keeping track so could be wrong... I did have some fertile cm in my undies today and felt wet yesterday too so hopefully will get my damn peak today, don't think I can handle much more bd this cycle!

Question: with your bbs feeling bruised from 6-10 dpo...did it just go away after that, or do they still hurt? Only asking because I'm having something similar...from 6-9 dpo it felt as if someone punched me in my breasts and today it completely vanished. Seriously strange...thanks for any insight :)

And I'm such a jerk...I forgot to say congrats!!! Wishing you a h&h 9mnths!! Cheers!

The first month I used the monitor I didn't get a peak reading but I KNOW I ovated because I had an early miscarriage. I did a bit of reading on line and I think it's pretty common to not get a peak the first month. Second month it was right on for me- I was using normal OPK sticks so I know that the peaks were right on (I am a pee on a stick addict!!). It gave me two peak days which perfectly co-incided with CM and OPKs.
I know it is Sooooo hard but try to keep up using it just as directed until month 2- I bet you will get your peak!
Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!!

They are still hurting and I'm five days pasty BFP!!! I even went out and bought larger bras today. A good friend of my is only 7 days farther along than me and her bbs haven't hurt since the day after her BFP. Also remember when I did my fist test the line was so faint that I almost wrote it off as negative. I also never had sore bbs before or during my period so for me it was a major sign! Good luck to you and lots of baby dust!! And thank you for the well wishes - I hope you get the same excitement soon!!

Hi, congrats!! Also, wondering if your heavy spotting stopped?

I am so happy for you! I have had multiple M/C in a short period of time and am still trying for a winner. Your story gives me hope. Good luck.

i have never done this before I am hoping for some support. We lost 15 years taking care of a loving grandparent who would have been 100 this year. We always wanted one more. So this is the situation:

always regulR never miss 24 days on the dot. Have been trying for several months had tests doctors say we are better than good very fertile and healthy. 

 but I started using opks since we are time limited

we had sex before during and after ovulation. This time I used Preseed not because we needed it I just heard it can help

2 days later twinges, nausea sore bbs headaches insomIa unusual hunger

now cd17 dpo9 and I started heavy spotting.  My symptoms are all the same. This might be TMI but it's heavy spotting mixed with ewcm stringy i I I also have twingy pain on my right pelvic side   i think I remember this happening with our oldest daughter but I was 20 and the doctor said it was impossible my date was wrong it was A period.... Low and behold she was born and she was so late that her poor little skin was peely and I had lost amniotic fluid. The doctor then confessed that I was right and bleeding can occur when pregnant and as time went on I've read more and more women who have experienced it. 

This time I'm scared. We want a baby so bad I want it to be ok. Can I ask a favor will someone please post if they have had a similiar situation, but also post the outcome? I e been all over the internst and hundreds ask this question but don't come back to post the result. Thank you to the post above. Please let me know and I, in turn will post mine. Thanks ❤️  Bkessings to you all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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