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BFp!!!! (With hypothyroid)

I can't believe I can finally post here. After our fourth round ttc I got my bfp :) I'll give you my details and then if you'd like, you can read my story :) If you've been waiting a long time to get pregnant I'd encourage you to stick it out through the long post because I think it might help you :) So here it is, and heads up, it's pregnancy symptoms so I'm not going to apologize or say TMI. You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to know :) PS I started on .5g of Synthroid on day 2 of this cycle. These are my notes: 1dpo: nothing really, just some leftover ovulatory cramps 2dpo: cramps, little bit of nausea-maybe from being hungry, still some twinges in ovaries, weird itchy twinge a few times on right lower abdomen, emotional in afternoon, found out a friend of mine is already pregnant again 3dpo: feel wet down there but nothing really in my underwear, just some creamy cm when I wipe, still cramping a bit, don't really feel pregnant, sad because my temp went down again 4dpo: constipation (I don't usually have this issue but it happened the first time we ttc so I didn't read too much into it), cramping in abdomen, some lower back pain, and pain in hips like when AF is here 5dpo: increased sex drive, cramping low down in middle of pelvis, AF-like cramps after 5pm, back, hips, and legs hurt 6dpo: nothing much, constipation, lots of creamy cm 7dpo: constipation, a few cramps today, still not sure if constipation or my uterus/ovaries 8dpo: gassy, constipation, slightly tender breasts (on inner part near the nipple) 9dpo: gassy, constipation, tender breasts, really beginning to think what I thought was cramps has been constipation cramps the whole time :( wondering if it's the synthroid causing constipation 10dpo: increased appetite, increased sex drive, gassy, bloated, constipated, breasts still tender starting to be tender on outer sides and around nipple, felt really wet down there today, sad cause when I feel increased sex drive that usually means my periods coming :( 11dpo: increased appetite, gassy, constipated (what is wrong with me??), fatigue (really tired, keep having to take naps in the afternoon lately), breasts still tender, itchy nipples, low sex drive...unusual, smelling EVERYTHING 12dpo: increased appetite, gassy, bloated, constipated (still??), fatigue, breasts tender, cramps-prob AF about to come :( 13dpo: increased appetite, gassy, constipated (seriously?), drank lemon juice and water on an empty stomach and went to the bathroom this morning, by lunch felt constipated again :( after my husband and I went on a date we were going to watch a movie and I got all ridiculous about not feeling pretty or wearing the right outfit for our date, was sure I must be about to start my period with the moodiness, have achy teeth, breasts very sore, fatigue, didn't feel like having sex...unusual this close to AF possibly coming, which I was sure she was :( 14dpo: woke up at 5:45am like usual to take my temp, had told myself I would only do a test if my temp was still up (I am not a POAS addict, I hate seeing the negative line and would rather just know by my temp going down and AF showing up), my temp was 98.34(!), I talked myself out of getting up for about 20 min, then took a test. BFP!!!!!!!! Holy moly me oh my, I'm pregnant!!!!! Definite line!!! Test line darker than control line!!! Teeth ache, very hungry!! Couldn't sleep anymore after I told my husband (he was excited for being in a groggy sleepy state :)) so I got up. A lot of watery/creamy cm in underwear and down there. Can't believe I'm pregnant!! Cramps and twinges every now and then. Okay so here's my story: My husband and I have been ttc for four months. I know that doesn't seem long, but we have been married 2 1/2 years and I've wanted a baby for so long and been praying to the Lord to bless us with a child and we just got to where we were in a good place financially to start trying this past December. It's been a long road for me because long before we started ttc, about 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, more specifically Hashimoto's. For those of you who don't know, that is a low functioning thyroid and one of the symptoms is infertility. I fought a long battle against taking medication (synthroid) and tried all the natural things I could--going gluten free, consuming a tablespoon of coconut oil a day, eating Brazil nuts for selenium, cutting out iodized salt, etc. My TSH numbers would sometimes be normal but most of the time they stayed high. The thing is, I had none of the typical symptoms, but I was afraid of it causing infertility. I prayed about it long and hard during the first month we were ttc and after a negative pregnancy test and AF showing up, I prayed that getting pregnant the next month would be my fleece like with Gideon in the Bible. If I didn't get pregnant, I would go on the medicine. I didn't get pregnant. So reluctantly, no, begrudgingly, I went on .25g of synthroid. I had all sorts symptoms and felt horrible so after a week of feeling bad, I gave up. I felt better off the medication than on it. So I waited and AF came again. I felt like it was because I hadn't stayed on the medicine, but I couldn't go back. That's when a good friend of mine got me in touch with her dad, who goes to our church, and he is and endocrinologist (a much nicer one than the one I'd gone to that had prescribed the synthroid and told me to just "take the damn pill"). I had heard about a pill that didn't have any additives called Tirosint and thought perhaps that would help me not have the side effects. He was willing to prescribe it to me but he recommended we try .5g of synthroid first. I was reluctant once again, but he checked into it for me and got the confirmation that it was gluten free (I thought that might have been some of the reason for my problems with the pill) and he said the fact that it was the only dye free pill might help too. So I decided to listen to him and take it. At first the some of the old symptoms came back, but after a few days they stopped! This was the beginning of March that I started the synthroid and we started our fourth round of ttc. I can't explain how it feels after not being able to get pregnant three months in a row, though I'm sure many of you know how it feels and have been waiting even longer. But you start to feel like something is wrong with you when you don't get pregnant the first or second try. And it starts to get really hard to even imagine seeing those 2 beautiful lines that indicate a BFP and a precious life being formed. And you wonder if you'll ever get pregnant and if it's because you're not doing something right or eating something right or being too stressed. And you can hardly be happy for your friends who get pregnant and wonder when it will ever happen for you. You become bitter, sometimes even at God, thinking, "why is everyone around me getting pregnant so easily and you won't give me a child to love and cherish?" But let me tell you something. Have hope. And remember that the Lord is the creator, giver, and sustainer of life. In this culture, we believe creating life is our prerogative, even that stopping a life is our prerogative, and we think that we can keep from getting pregnant as long as we eant and then just get pregnant when we want to within a month or two. And if we don't we think something's wrong with us. But the truth is, life is not ours to create, it is the Lord's. And He will create it in His good timing. And that might be on your first try, but leave room for it possibly being your 3rd, 8th, 14th, or even 48th. Whatever time He chooses, it is a specific child, a precious life, that you would never have experienced had you not conceived your child exactly when you did with the exact egg that month and the exact sperm that met that egg. Have peace knowing that at the right time, the right place, the right child, you will conceive. And while you wait remember Romans 15:13 "May the God of HOPE FILL you with all JOY and PEACE in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may ABOUND in hope." Keep hoping. Don't give up. Keep asking. Even when you grow weary of waiting and it seems it won't happen, keep asking.


Congrats and a H&H 9mo to you!! And I had to comment and say thanks, it was a very inspiring post!! Hope is all we have here at TTC!! The post was super helpful, I loved all the detail and the history!! Hope your bean sticks!  

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