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BFP with Identical Twins (IVF cycle)

Hi! I am a success story. After trying any and every fertility treatment under the moom for 2 and 1/2 years, we decided to try IVF. I wasn't nearly as bad (all the shots) as I expected, and I didn't bloat as much as with all the other drugs. I really thought it was easy overall. Of course, it was extrememely stressfull....not knowing if it was going to take or not. I'm not sure if I remember all the details....but I'll try......They retrieved 18 eggs (yea!), but had to do an emergency ICSI. We really didn't expect that, and I cried all the way home. THey said the sperm didn't look very good, so they didn't want to take a chance of them not fertilizing the eggs. That may have been our problem all along, I don't know. Anyway, out of the 18, 11 fertilized. Four made it to blast stage, and we transferred one grade a and one grade b blast.

I really didn't think I was pg. As a matter of fact, I had no desire whatsoever to do a hpt early....for the first time in my life!! I just had no symptoms. I was so disappointed. Well, 14 dpo, I went to my doc to have a blood test done. My hcg came back at 124! Perfect for a singleton pg!! I was in shock!! They all told me it looked like one of the eggs took! We were thrilled. So, at my first ultrasound at 6w5d, we saw a gestational sac and a heartbeat. She moved the u/s wand, and we saw another heartbeat!!!! We couldn't believe it! WE had gotten pg with IDENITCAL twins....such a freak thing! No one knows what causes identicals. We knew we had a chance of having twins, but we knew they'd be fraternal b/c we had two eggs. So, what happened with me egg didn't take, and the other one split! hcg numbers just doubled each time....just like they would with one baby. The reason they weren't higher is because I just have one placenta, which produces the hcg. The babies share it. So my hcg wasn't indicative of twins. Anyway, here we are. There are some serious complications that can go along with my kind of twins, who share everything, but so far, so good. It still doesn't seem real to me. I can't believe it actually happened for DH and I.

Good luck to all of you! Try to relax, and take it easy after the transfer. We weren't allowed to bd for the whole first trimester after the transfer.


まざまな特典キャンペーンの誘惑に抵抗する、ここ数年は商家販促柄事などを買って、五折特恵、積分貴賓カードなどがますます扇情的誘惑を患上た多くの若者は「狂気ショッピング症」。特にたくさんの計算ずくの女性は、おそらく優遇のタイミングを逃して、よく自分を見ないの需要、ショッピングの測定総合コスト、目を見開いて業者へのいいケースにドリルでお金を集めて、これはおかしい。だから、「月光族」を過剰消費前に考えるべき:大量のショッピングと引き換えの貴賓カードがお金を無駄にした省はお金ですか?この消費理性的ですか?ハイカラ、流行を追うのは若者の特徴、それも代価を払う。 オークリー サングラス オークリー アウトレット オークリー ゴルフ オークリー フロッグスキン オークリー クロスリンク オークリー レーダー オークリー メガネ オークリー サングラス :

Yours is such a lovely story...and what a suprising twist with the identical twins! I thought it interesting that your hcg levels were not extremely high and enjoyed reading your explanation of why that is not the case with identical twins. I just also received a BFP from my first IVF cycle and am awaiting my first ultrasound in 3 days. I have a sense that there are "fraternal" twins in there so it will be interesting to see if i am right.

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