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BFP With IVF After One LONG Year!

I've always promised myself that I would write this post (just like so many others on here) once I finally got my BFP. Then, once I finally got it...I didn't want to post anything in fear of "jinxing" myself! I am, 16 weeks pregnant :) :) and I think it's safe to let you all know how it came about! LONG story short (with as many tips/details as I can remember) -We've been trying for almost a year. I've always been VERY regular, never had a problem with my cycles my entire life. We tried for about 7 months before I couldn't take it anymore and decided to seek help from my Dr. I lied and said we had been trying for a year already b/c they don't like to really see you or suggest anything until after then. -Basically it was unexplained infertility. -We had male factor problems in the beginning, but once my husband started taking multi-vitamins it seemed to really increase his count. (again, getting our hopes up of conceiving naturally) -We tried vitamins, mucinex, pre-seed, different positions, etc. You name it. -Also was doing acupuncture during this entire time. Not sure if it helped, but it definitely was relaxing during this process and is supposed to help with the blood flow/egg development, etc. -So cut to the chase-got the HSG test done and my tubes were perfectly clear. Lots of people told me it would work after that, but nothing. -I did three IUIs at the first fertility clinic we went to. The first used Chlomid, the other two used Letrozole (which I came to find out is not a safe or reliable drug). Nothing expect a late period (by a few days...put me on an emotional roller coaster to say the least!). -Decided to switch clinics to a place I had wanted to go to from the beginning but our previous insurance wasn't accepted at the time. LOVED this new clinic..the staff..the nurses (everyone knew my name, had empathy towards what this process was like) overall I felt much more relaxed and had a positive attitude that this would work. -My insurance required one more IUI (this time with injectibles) before being allowed to move onto IVF. SO...we did it. Wasn't that bad...but again..resulted in nothing. -Decided to do IVF. Felt very emotional about this decision, but I knew it was for the best and I felt very comfortable and confident in my Fertility Dr. -Used Follistim and Menopur (I forget exact dosages)--was monitored closely with ultra sounds and blood work. -Day of retrieval, ended up with 12 eggs....9 were mature...5 fertilized on their own. :) -Was planning on a 5 day transfer, but got a call that only 1 of the eggs was actually dividing and growing. So we had to do a 3 day transfer. -Day of the transfer--we ended up having 3 eggs that fertilized, 2 were 5-cell and good quality and ready to use. We put two back in. -Had Progesterone shots in my butt for about 4 weeks after that. Was very sore, but I just got used to it and it's like a distant memory now. Symptoms: -Nothing major to report expect diarrhea a couple times a week and was VERY tired (like 2 hr naps, that I never do!) towards the end of my TWW. -I tested about 4 days before my blood test and got a faint line. We were in shock since every other test was always STARK white! I tested two more times and the line continued to get darker. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen!! :) -Blood test confirmed BFP! :) -Ultrasound confirmed--ONE healthy baby!! :) :) :) I'm now 16 weeks pregnant with our first baby. Everything so far is going very well, baby is healthy and we find out the sex in 4 weeks. Looking back now I would do IVF again in a heart beat. Don't get me wrong, it's very physically and emotionally draining. It takes time and persistence. But it is SO worth it. It's the hardest thing in the world to go through and not many people understand unless you've been there. Especially difficult when everyone around you is getting pregnant with no problem. Best of luck to all of you!!


Our stories are so similar!! We've been TTC for 18 months and we finally have insurance that will cover treatments :) We have male count issues so we're skipping IUI and going straight to IVF, unless we get a miracle in a few days! H&H 9 months to you!!

Thanks for posting, enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy!

Congrats! Keep us updated. 

I just posted on here and was looking for my post when I saw yours and wanted to say Congratulations, It's amazing to see that 2nd line isn't it! I just got my 1st ever BFP after 5 years and 5 IVF cycles. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and baby. Good luck and again Congrats!

Thank you posting, made me feel a lot better as I am in the two week later the moment. I have 2 x 7 cell embryos on a three-day transfer and I was so worried that they weren't eight or nine cell. Most people I read about tend to have 8,9 or 10 cell embryos, I'm only into my first week and waiting. Having read your story it gives me hope about my embryos is making it xx

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