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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with just Relaxing! First Month!

Well half of my symptoms I would not have known were symptoms without all of your lovely stories! This is my 3rd pregnancy. Each pregnancy I got pregnant in the first month! I sort of put it down to just having sex when I was "in the mood" and not when I wasn't just because I thought I was ovulating. I didn't track temps and did not use OPKs. I did notice my EWCM though and thought I must be ovulating because it was there and I was pretty interested in my hubby ;) Anyway!

CD19 - Suspected O
BDed CD 17, 18am, 18pm, 19
1 - 3 DPO - Nothing
4 DPO - Really bad headache even though I was drinking soda. I never get headaches unless I don't drink soda that day
5 DPO - Started becoming REALLY thirsty (had no clue that was a sign) and started getting flu like symptoms (again had no clue this happens to a lot of pregnant women)
6 DPO - Notice CM hasn't dried up AT all. Cervix is REALLY high. Notice breasts starting to become tender. I pregnant?????!?!?
7 DPO - Take a test and see the FAINTEST of faint lines. No one else can see it and they call me crazy.
8 DPO - Same...SUPER faint line. Breasts are becoming more and more sore.
9 DPO - OMG I SWEAR I can see a LINE! Hubby still says I'm imagining it and it's not there. By this time I'm getting decent cramps, tired, hungry, sore BBs and everything else under the sun. I tell him I HAVE to be pregnant. If not then my body is CRUEL.
10 DPO (today) - Super faint line but now it's visible. If you can't see it you're crazy. Hubby still can't see it so I take a digital. "Pregnant" Best words ever :)

I'm thrilled to be pregnant so quickly! Just hope the baby STICKS! Good luck ladies!

Oh I used Preseed one of the times we had sex, but I used it like regular lubricant. Didn't use the applicators. Not sure if that had something to do with it though.

I now call my DH a "one hit wonder" ;) He's not amused!


You have no idea how blessed you are.

Congratulations on your happy news. It must be so wonderful to get pregnant on the first try every time because you 'just relaxed'. You might want to consider that many women on this site have been trying to conceive for many months and sometimes years. By no means do I mean to take away from your happy news, but your post struck me as a little insensitive to others that would love to just relax and go with it, but after a while without success that can be difficult to do. But maybe that's because I'm one of those women. I do wish you a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Why post (or even read) on a two week wait site if you've never ever had a problem conceiving?  Sorry, but relaxing doesn't get everyone pregnant incase you thought that was the problem. 

I also find your post is a little insensitive.  I have been trying for eight months and I was totally relaxed the first four months...only to have nothing happen.  This is something that we can't totally control. It is just what our bodies do or don't do at any given time. You are very lucky to be so fertile, but you might want to be more compassionate towards many readers of this site.

Y'all need to really get a grip... She's not being insensitive nor should she have to tip toe around what works for her. G'z, grow up!!! I too am struggling ttc, but I take no offense Hun.         Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS HUN! I am truly happy for you & a lot of woman have had su cess after relaxing:-) GL

Agreed! Just because it didn't happen immediately for us all, doesn't mean others can't share their happiness when it does! Sheesh. Congrats on your BFP!

Disagreed. While I also wish you a happy BFP, I think if you've spent enough time reading the posts of other women that have struggled so hard you shouldn't boast about how easy it is for you. Everyone's relaxed the first month! It's just being tactful. And no one wished her any ill will, including me.

Congrats!!!!  So happy for you, I found your post very cute and hillarious (about your hubby).  :) Stay positive all!   Love to all!  <3

This post about a BFP after one month just proves that those who have never experienced infertility have absolutely no idea how hard it is.  I have been TTC for 5 years and it is the hardest thing I have ever gone through.  Ladies, we have got to do something to bring awareness about infertility!  

Absolutly agree with your thought....

Every baby is a miracle worth celebrating, an absolute gift of God!  Congrats! That being said: its hard to read this post about DH, the one-hit wonder, when you want a baby so bad after months & years of trying.    

I couldn't agree more. It struck me odd that someone would even need to search pregnancy symptoms on the internet if they always get pregnant right off the bat. Yes, we are envious. Of course. But in the end ladies, we who have waited so long will appreciate our blessings more. Sorry, but I truly believe that with all my heart.    

this is also my first time ttc, and i had just happened to stumble upon this site.  need i remind the envious ones out there that this is a forum for women going through the two week has nothing to do with how long youve been trying to concieve.  every pregnancy forum ive seen has been nothing but baby dust and well wishing, and it saddens me to finally come across these jealous rants directed toward someones happy news.  so what if it didnt take her months or years ttc, i cannot understand how some women can be so offended by anothers method of just relaxing....there was absolutely nothing insensitive about her post whatsoever.  it is unfair for others to act this way....get a life people

'Just relaxing' in the first month of trying is not a 'method'.

I don't think anyone needs to tell anyone else to 'get a life'. That is the most rude and insensitive thing that has been said in these comments. I hope you don't pass that attitude along to your future children.

Wow. Well ya. Now I'm in tears. Just because I said I got pregnant from "relaxing" didn't mean I was disregarding all of the infertility concerns other women have gone through. To be honest I was concerned that it would be HARD for me to get pregnant because my cycles are so all over the place that I never know when I will ovulate. I only have 5-6 periods a year. I researched all the ways to improve conception because I thought I would be ttc for months/years. I did not mean to offend anyone. I thought the whole point of was to tell your symptoms during that time. I wish everyone well but I won't be recommending this site anymore. I'm so hurt by how rude most of you reacted to my story. I was trying to be helpful. Not mean. 

Thank you for being kind even if you didn't like my post. I really appreciate it. Wishing you the best in your journey to conceive.

No that's not what I thought "the problem" was. I was just trying to be encouraging. 

Just wanted to say I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make others feel bad. I was just really excited to be pregnant again and wanted to share my symptoms. It wasnt intended as a slap in the face to those who are not falling pregnant. I hope you get your BFP soon. 

Thank you! :) I lost my first pregnancy so I'm always worried, but very happy. Best of luck and baby dust to you! 

So you're saying that I don't appreciate my pregnancy because I got pregnant so quickly? Because if that's what you're implying then THAT'S rude. I love my baby just as much as anyone else. 

Seriously?? Ladies?? I am so hurt on behalf of my beautiful, smart and loving friend who just shared her 2ww symptoms with you. It was my fault she ended up here in the first place. I too, while not trying, fell pregnant about the same time as she and guess what... I have one fallopian tube, one ovary, I've had 5 MAJOR abdominal surgeries, multiple courses of lupron, provera, oxycontin etc. I've also had 5 separate specialists say I'd never get pregnant and may be a good candidate for IVF. Know what, 1st month off bc, pregnant. Had m/c. 35 days later pregnant with dd. When she was 9 months old, pg again w/dd#2... wasn't trying. off bc for 2 weeks, ovulated and now I'm pg with my 3rd and due around the same time as Mrs. Amazing here. I have all the best hopes for everyone TTC here but jeez. Let a woman be happy.

Upon coming across this post and reading some of the cruel comments I am baffled at how mean and petty some of you are being.  Here is a wonderful young woman ecstatic to share her happy news while trying to provide helpful information to those of us who are trying to conceive.  Yes she's been very fortunate to have conceived easily all three times and therefore must be doing something right.  Just because this has come easily to her does not mean she has not endured difficulites and heart ache elsewhere in her life.  Who are we all to judge? Perhaps we should take some of her advice since she has had so many successes.  Being mean and ignorant toward one another will get us nowhere.  With such poor attitudes it makes me wonder if there is not another reason other than medical issues some of you are not getting pregnant.  I have been pregnant 4 times, not all successes and each time I have had to research pregnancy symptoms, they can vary drastically from one pregnancy to another.  This post is in no way meant to be mean.  Everybody deserves to make their dreams come true.  So take a deep breath, relax.  Happy humping and baby dust to you all!!!

Your post isn't meant to be mean, yet you are calling women 'mean and ignorant' and suggesting that because they expressed their opinions and hardships that they may have some sort of attitude problem that is keeping them from getting pregnant?? That's the meanest thing I've read in any of these posts.

I am so happy my friend got pregnant again!!! Although a little jealous. This site is about the two week wait and not fertility issues so I am hurt by the rude comments. I understand if some women are strugglingto get pregnant but dont be rude; dont comment or just say congrats! Jeeze. Also just because one gets pregnant doesnt mean the pregnancy was successful, its just another half of the journey. Good luck and baby dust to all. And congrats again Love!!!!  :)   TLK - I dont think that was mean! ;)

Ya get a life!!! If your going to be jealous of her then dont read her story! This isnt about who can or cant get pregnant easily.. Its about who got pregnant and what seemed to work for them... She's doing everyone a favor by sharing her experience... If it doesnt work for you then thats too damn bad. This is tww... Not! Quit being little bitches and be happy for this woman!

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