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BFP With Late Ovulation!

Ladies, First word of advice, find out when you ovulate!!! I had been trying for months, and every month ended with me in tears and frustration. I was fully assuming I ovulated in the middle of the month. When I finally got my arms around my actual timing, using CBFM, I got pregnant the first month! I ovulate closer to day 22 or 23, I had NO idea and I had always stopped BD'ing by then! DPO 1-6: nothing really, but I will say I just had a hunch. DPO 7: I felt like I was getting a cold, but it never seems to progress. Just congested and itchy throat. DPO 8: Feel felt like I was getting a cold, but it wasn't getting any worse. I was driving in the car and felt a sharp pinch in my lower abdomen. I actually jumped and told my husband it felt like something bit me for about 5 seconds! Then it went away and I felt fine the rest of the day. DPO 9: I felt pretty normal, still dealing with the cold but nothing else really. DPO 10: LOTS of lotiony CM, which was strange for that time of the month, still had a cold. Went for a run and felt exhausted, more than normal so I decided to take it easy. DPO 11: Slightly tinted CM in the morning, thought it was strange but assumed AF was coming. DPO 12: Just for fun took a cheapie internet test, saw a faint line and lost my mind!!! Back hurt a LOT throughout the day and I had loads of CM. DPO 13: Took another test in the morning, saw the line again! Took a FRER in the afternoon and saw a definite line. BFP!!! I kept taking tests for the next few days just to watch the line get darker, and just because I was SO tired of seeing negative tests, I was SO happy to see a BFP! First week I noticed sore breasts, and acne which I NEVER ever have. I was VERY teary and emotional, but in a good way. Lots of back pain which my doctor said I shouldn't have that early but I did. Also had problems eating, I got full really quickly and just felt sick after eating. I am 8 weeks now, couldn't be happier. We saw the little one's heartbeat last week and I bawled my eyes out! Good luck to all! Have fun, have faith, and most importantly, find out exactly when you ovulate! It may not be when you think! Baby dust to all!!!!


Congratulations!!! Thanks for the words of encouragement... This is my first month using the CBFM and I'm hopeful that my ovulation estimation has been off and thus, our timing. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy!! :)

Thanks!!! For me, figuring out when I was ovulating was the #1 barrier, and #1 surprise! I had NO idea I ovulated that late. I started to think the monitor was broken because I went days with no change in level! Good luck!!!!

Do u think the CBFM is better than the CB OPK with the smiley face? Ive been using that kit, but nothing yet. Congrats by the way? Thats such amazing news. I cant wait for our BFP!

haha, thanks!!! i like to think I've had the O-time narrowed down, due to OPK's, body changes, etc but who knows?! maybe that's been my problem. ;) Cheers!

How long are your cycles?

Congrats on your BFP! I also turned out to be ovulating late. We started using charting temps and OPK, and got our BFP the first month! Prayers for your baby!

Hello! THis story gives me so much hope. I too started charting my ovulation cycles this month and found out I ovulated much later than I thought!! Hoping this month I will get positive news too. How long was your cycle? I am trying to figure out if there is hope for those of us who ovulate late and may not have as much time between ovulation and period. BEst wishes with a healthy and happy pregnancy!

I do. I like that it gives you a high reading before the peak, so it tells you when you are getting ready to ovulate, not just that it is happening. That way, you can make sure everything is in the right "place" when you ovulate.

Hazel, no tellng how long my cycle was, the cycle before my BFP was 19 days! So, clearly I am all over the place. Baby dust and hoping for your BFP!!!

Thanks for responding. I am beginning to think my cycles are unreliable as well. I am on my longest cycle ever and have always been fairly regular. Ovulation probably D22 or 23 and now its 34. Every test is BFN. Feel like i have all the symptoms so I am going to stop testing for a few days I guess it could be DPO10.... THanks for your inspirational story either way!!

Hazel, I highly recommend the CBFM if your cycles are irregular. Clearly mine were! Good luck!!!

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