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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with NO Symptoms!

Hi Everyone! This is my first time contributing to a board. I just wanted to give some hope to anyone who is feeling down. I've done 4 IUIs and got a BFP twice. I miscarried in my first one (that was tough). I'm currently 5 wks pregnant. I had different symptoms in my 2ww for each pregnancy. 1st IUI (miscarried) - I felt so tired 12dpo. I yawned like every 2 minutes. I couldn't keep my eyes open. 14dpo I had frequent urination. Those were my only 2 symptoms really. 2nd IUI - No symptoms at all. I was 110% sure I was not pregnant. No exhaustion, no frequent urination, no breast tenderness, nothing. I was pretty upset and disappointed. After the 2ww I went to get my beta tested AAAAAAAND I got a BFP!!! I was shocked and surprised. Didn't not expect it. I also have an older child. That pregnancy I had similar symptoms as my first IUI. No question about it that I was pregnant then! If you are in your 2WW, please try to be positive. I know it feels like forever. I don't recommend you doing a HPT because you might get a false negative, vice versa. Each pregnancy is different. Just because you don't have any symptoms now, doesn't mean you are out. I was one of the people who would go online and read read read! I was crazy trying to analyze every symptoms possible.
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Thanks for posting and huge congrats to you. Sending lots of love and prayers that it's a sticky bean. I am currently 11 dpiui and having ZERO symptoms so I am happy to read your post. This is our first IUI. We got pregnant on our own naturally in December 2017 but sadly MC at 8 weeks. So devastating. With that pregnancy, I had so many symptoms right away and just knew I was pregnant so I was thinking I am out this month as I have no symptoms whatsoever, I'm not even bloated. I go for my blood draw Friday, hopefully I follow in your footsteps lol

There are countless ways in which your body may tell you you're pregnant. Here are some of the most common early signs of pregnancy: Nausea, vomiting and/or food aversions . Unusual new food cravings . Frequent urination . New pelvic heaviness or other sensations . Tender, swollen or tingly breasts . Darkening of areola (area around the nipples). Fatigue/sleepiness. Unfortunately, not all women experience pregnancy in the same way. One expectant mom may have every symptom in the book, while another might not even realize she's pregnant because she doesn't feel one thing out of the ordinary, and yet another will fall somewhere in between or have a completely different symptom. So how symptomatic will you be? There's just no way of knowing.

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