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BFP With NO Symptoms at All 11DPO - Irregular Cycles

I have read so much on this website when I felt down while ttc #1. I was always looking for all the symptoms everyone else had before their bfps so I am writing this for all the irregular cycle girls and for those with no symptoms at all!! We have been ttc for 8 months. Some of the hardest months ever - not knowing if would happen. This was only 5th cycle too because mine are irregular. They were the following lengths: 35, 43, 46 and 50 days. We have been using opks and Pre-Seed every month. This time using opks showed + day 19 (very early compared to other cycles) and somehow got BFP this morning 11dpo!!! Just goes to show all you irregular girls that you never know! I did not believe early + opk on day 19 and thought it was false. But ewcm mentioned below had me wondering. The only different thing I noticed this month was I had a lot of ewcm for 4 days before opk turned +. I have no idea why. I did not have much ewcm the other months at all. I have been exercising more since Christmas - maybe that's it but I really don't know. Maybe it made the difference. So I have had NO symptoms in past week before bfp at all. Nothing! I have been stalking this website! I thought I was out. Really I did. And I thought I was getting evaps (again) yesterday on ic's. But FRER this morning at 11dpo says otherwise! I cannot believe it! It's really weird not being able to tell anyone except my computer!! Husband is away and I want to see his face when I tell him. I am not going to say to you all ttc to believe it will happen and try to relax because that did NOT help me when I read or heard it! I could not believe it would happen - I was terrified it wouldn't and every time af arrived it would confirm my fears. An awful time. I know how it feels to ttc and be afraid it will never happen. So I will just I hope you all get your bfps and maybe above will help one or two of you. Good luck to you all and thank you for help when ttc was tough!


I just got a bfp at 13 dpo! it was my 13th cycle ttc and I also had no symptoms at all. Even had my usual very strong period cramps. I'm so excited for both of us. have a wonderful pregnancy

Thank you for sharing this. I have long, irregular cycles just like you, so your story is giving me hope. Prayers for you, and best of luck!!! :)

kc - thank you and congratulations to you : ) ! it is so nice sharing the news on this!! it's like i've told everyone except people who know me! lr - good luck with it. i was going to go to doctor at end of this cycle if unsuccessful as I was starting to worry I wasn't ovulating at all. But I have read a lot about irregular cycles and so many people getting bfps regardless of when they ovulated - just so long as they caught the right time - so I kept going. opks help - i had 2 lh surges in the cycle before this so that was very annoying. but at least you know when your chance is. best of luck. It's such a hard road. I really hope you get your bfp soon.

Thank you, having this little community keeps me going! What brand opk do you like?

Thank you, having this little community keeps me going! What brand opk do you like?

first of all congrats on your bfp, your post caught my attention as Im on my 10 dpiui with no symtoms at all and sometimes I feel sad and dissapointed. Today I woke up very hungry, I was dreaming of a wiener schnitzel lol and I wanted one, I have sore nipples (specially right one) but maybe its just pms :( usually before AF Im dry as sand in Egypt but i've been having some thick cm, its yellowish and its not quite a lot but its there. the other day I had insomnia and my mood has been like a roller coaster, I read and read posts of many women pregnant and not pregnant and Im going nuts...I feel really emotional, maybe I just need a big hug :'(

oh AlanaM poor you! sounds like an awful wait. i hope you get news soon one way or the other. lr - i just ordered cheap opks off amazon. they worked grand. the clearblue smiley ones are much easier to read though so for a few cycles i would confirm with a clearblue when i wasnt sure on cheap opk.

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