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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with normal PMS Symptoms!

Hey, Ladies! After several months of trying, we finally got our BFP!

What we did differently this month: nothing! Just kept at it with tracking my CM. During my fertile window (I have EWCM every month, so this month was no different from any other), we BD'd four times.

My symptoms have been IDENTICAL to my normal PMS symptoms: sore breasts, fatigue, mild cramping. I was 99% sure my period was going to start today, and I only took a test this morning because I wanted to drink a ton of coffee without feeling guilty. Lo and behold - very clear BFP (so no coffee, haha - worth it)!

Some months this cite was very helpful during my TWW - it can be so fun to try to match symptoms with other TTCers. Other months it was helpful for me to read posts that said "BFP felt just like PMS - don't even fuss about it!" just so I could stop obsessing, chill out, and wait until it was the right time to take a test. So here's my post! I've listed some symptoms below, but I also want to say that I feel EXACTLY like my period is about to start, so if you need to take a break from symptom spotting for the month, that's okay too! Good luck and baby dust to you all!

1-6 DPO: Felt totally normal.
7-12 DPO: Breasts started getting sore (same soreness as I get every month before my period). Grumpy and emotional (again, pretty standard for me when I'm PMSing). A little fatigued around 12 DPO, though again, this always happens before my period.
12-14 DPO: Breasts still sore. Still very grumpy (yelled at my husband over stupid stuff because I am a monster), fatigued, wasn't super hungry at dinner time, and I got some mild cramping - also normal for me while I'm PMSing.

A few more things:

* It was absolutely true for me that cervical position is an unreliable indicator of pregnancy. My cervical position has been ALL OVER THE PLACE during my TWW. High, low, medium, soft, firm, etc. etc.

* My CM has also been the same as it has been before my period: creamy or sticky or mildly wet. Some women post that they get tons of CM before a BFP - this really wasn't the case for me. My CM was totally the same as it has been every other month.

* My breasts are sore, but again, some women write that they experience tingling, sore nipples, etc. Not me - just normal PMS boobs.

14 DPO: BFP! I can't believe it! I was so, so sure my period was coming, I felt like I was taking the test out of spite. Now I've taken two tests with very clear positives.

Good luck to everyone and I hope this post is helpful! <3

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