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BFP With One Tube

Some background- I'm 36 and my husband is 41. 4 months ago in June we were pregnant after a year of trying only to find out that it was ectopic and I ended up losing my left tube :-( Furthermore while they were operating they said my right tube was "clubbed" and so they tried to unfurl it but basically said to plan for IVF because time was ticking and my eggs were aging. Financially we weren't sure if we could do that so I started charting religiously and using internet cheapie opks to make sure we made each month count. I have lengthened my luteal phase from 9 to 13 days with Vitex, B complex supplement, progesterone cream, and other vitamins. I swear by Vitex and progesterone Cream for those of you with a luteal phase defect. I got a + on Wondfo first then a FRER later today. Yay! Hope it burrowed into the right place this time! Ovulation on CD 16 which is normal although this cycle I had way more EWCM which has usually been a problem for me. I figure my hormones must really be raging this cycle because my BBT is extremely erratic pre-o and all reproductive signs are kicking! Acne and skin issues all month which I never have. 1 DPO- Normal ovulation twinges and pain although the pains from 1-6 dpo were on both sides this month. Kind of weird and occasionally they were quite sharp. Acne still hanging around. Even had a painful one down there (sorry tmi) that surprised me that seemed to be at they're worst the day after ovulation. Lots of hormones this month I guess! 2 DPO- Same as dpo 1. Acne on face just won't seem to go away! Feeling a little more tired today but not abnormal. 3 DPO- Big time jump in BBT this morning of almost half a degree from the previous day and a full degree higher than coverline. Today was also when the first abnormal cycle symptom occurred which was a huge increase in my appetite! I was particularly tired his evening and so DH took pity and ordered cheese steaks from our favorite place. I housed my whole sub and a bag of chips which i've never done and he was sad he didn't get any of my leftovers lol. 4 DPO- BBT dropped half a degree today. Thought maybe implantation but too soon probably just fallback? Also I had copious amounts of creamy cm today-figuring all bodily fluids are go this cycle and try not to get too excited yet. Dull cramping today which usually doesn't happen until 6-8 dpo. Heartburn which is a bit abnormal. Vivid dreams start this evening and continue every evening. 5 DPO- BBT jumped right back up to 3 DPO high temp. Started to feel really hot on this day and this feeling continues. Also today I start to feel a little more emotional than my norm. Got a bout of nausea today. Got gas starting today that has stuck around...this is a symptom that is only amusing in the privacy of home lol. Dull cramping continues with occasional sharp pains on both ovaries. 6 DPO- BBT jumps a couple tenths of a degree-chart looking a bit triphasic perhaps? Today the emotional signs really kicked in. I usually don't get weepy at all so I thought maybe this was a symptom but thought maybe this was a by-product of my abnormally hormonal month I was already having. 7 DPO- BBT same although I have some lovely burping to go along with my gas-yay. My back really started to ache today in the lower area but I've been cleaning because in-laws are coming in a few days so unsure if it was a "sign". More vivid dreams, more stupid acne, more dull cramping and a sharp zing in my left breast that made me say ouch out loud and grab my boob. DH was amused. 8 DPO- BBT Same and all previous signs are still prevalent. Vivid dreams, gas, dull cramping, weepy and can't get enough to eat. Seriously I'm crushing entire plates of food and going back for seconds. Particularly fatigued today and suggest we finish watching our movie in bed. Fall asleep at 8:30 even with DH blaring TV and cat pawing at my head. Kitties seem to be clingier than normal. 9 DPO- Wake up like a lark at 5am! Full of energy and have breakfast cooked and house cleaned before DH's feet hit the floor out of bed at 7am. I felt like that scene in There's Something About Mary when Magda has the couch held up with one hand and is vacuuming under it with the other. I was full of energy ALL DAY and was cleaning until midnight when DH insisted I consider sleep as an option at some point. Got up anyways as I was restless all night and POAS and thought maybe a faint bfp on my Wondfo? Didn't wan't to get too excited as I've had 3 of those and they were all chemical pregnancies :-( Watch an old Disney movie and full on cry-this is what really made me think something was up. Being weepy was one thing but I was blubbering which I haven't done in years. 10 DPO- BBT maintaining triphasic pattern but Wondfo doesn't seem darker... boooo! This will be another chemical I am convinced but I have a MASSIVE headache and so try to stay patient and wait 4 hours to test. Test Wondfo in 4 hours and it's a non-squinter within the time frame. 10 minutes later it was dark enough to see across the room. I text DH to pick up a pack of FRER's as it was time to get out the big guns. $ more hours later and another boo-hoo session over a commercial I am staring at a light but definitely there line on my FRER :-) Looking back the whole cycle was significantly different from previous cycles. Hormones seemed to be fully functioning this month and geared up ready to go. Post-o signs that really stick out are huge appetite and blubbering crying sessions. Also with both this pregnancy and my ectopic I started getting up really early 9 dpo and on. Cats won't leave me alone either which is another interesting note from both pregnancy cycles. Now I will be curious if all goes well if I ovulated twice or two eggs a day apart. My bbt chart and ovaries say yes but only a scan will tell! Good luck to everyone ttc and keep the faith as I am fertility handicapped but managed to get to this point and should give hope to others hopefully!



Hi I had to comment as I lost my right tube to an ectopic in Aug so it is good to read that you got your bfp. I too have been worrying about my luteal phase and have managed to bring my ovulation forward 3 days by eating a high protein diet and taking pregnacare conception. I am due af on 22 or 23/11 and am currently 9dpo so have everything crossed. If nothing this month will start taking a B6 supplement. Congrats again to you it gives some hope :-)

What a great post! May you have the best 9 months of your life followed by a big, bouncing baby. You should give your one tube a special thanks for a job well done! :-). By the way, I love hearing vitex stories. I swear by the stuff. Best thing Mother Nature invented for us.

You give hope!

I haven't lost my left tube but i did have a very large cyst on my left ovary that had everything compressed down. They were unable to determine if my left tube was completely blocked or just inflamed from the cyst and compression. I do still have one clear tube and am hoping to be blessed with a miracle. Your story gives me hope that I will be as lucky and blessed as you. Congratulations and best wishes.

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