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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP With PCOS and Hypothyroidism

Our History:
me: 24-PCOS, Hypothyroidism
DH: 26-a little low count (but not much)
Ok so here's how this cycle went, we went in to our fertility specialist and he put me on letrozole (2.5mcg-10 pills over the course of 4 days) I'm also on Meformin (PCOS) and levothyroxine (thyroid), fish oil, folic acid, and prenatals. We went in to see how my follicles were growing so we would know when to schedule our IUI. Well he gave me an HCG shot to take home and give to myself. While at our appointment the Dr. told us he would be out of town that week but would still like us to give timed intercourse a try (needless to say I was MAD). We gave it a shot anyway and IT WORKED!! Things I did different this time: I ate a ton of pineapple-I heard it's supposed to help with the lining of your uterus- and we used Pre-Seed:)
CD5-Light cramps
CD6-Light cramps-semen analysis 19 million little guys!
CD11-Pinching in ovary area
CD 13- Pinching in ovary areas
CD15-Pinching in ovaries U/S 15mm follicle and one smaller (I don't know the size) BD
CD 16 bd
CD 17 Nothing
CD 18-HCG trigger shot at 5:30pm- pain in ovary areas, gassy, tired, sore BB's
I could have O'd one of the next two days but I think it was CD 20
CD 19-Ovulation? BDx2 dry nipples (weird), 6pmish slight twinge followed by af type cramps
O day- BD, sharp pains in both ovaries, minor achy cramps, tired, backache, VERY gassy
1DPObd-Cramps, pinching pains in ovaries, VERY gassy
2DPO-Mild AF cramps, sharp twinges on right and left ovaries, sharp stabbing pains on sides of BB's, scant, dry, tacky CM, VERY gassy, heartburn (could have been what I ate though!) mild nausea when hungry
3DPO-BD AF cramps,BB's sore
4DPO-Heavy AF cramps, bright red and brown streaks in CM (implantation??:)), sore weird activity in BB's, burning sensation in uterus
5DPO and on-Light AF cramps, very sensitive nips, random pains in BB's, nausea, tired.
Well I was testing out the HCG shot and the line got light and then got darker so I knew I was PG at 9DPO:) still very skeptical at this point though!
I went in for blood test 17DPO and my beta came back at 1525! Woo hoo! We are finally Pregnant!
Went back for blood test and U/S at 21DPO beta was 7859! It is TWINS!!! We are so very excited and blessed beyond belief!

I know many of you are still waiting on your BFP, it will happen! Trust in God! I prayed and prayed this cycle (and had my family and church praying too!)

Please send stick vibes my way and Baby Dust to all TTC!!!


Thank you sooo much for sharing your story. You have given me hope. May you continue to be blessed :)

I'm still in my 2ww and symptoms almost identical to yours so you have given me hope. Baby dust to you!!!

Congratulations!! Twins- What a blessing!! We have a simliar case to yours but are in our mid 30's - I am in the 2ww, just 4DPO and the wait is excrutiating. Dont know what to do with myself, and trying not to obsess! But obviously its not working as I scour every post here :) Reading the positive stories on here are a big help so thank you for sharing.

Wow twinssss!!! Blessed!

Hi..I m 7 weeks preg now and had PCOS and HypoThyroid n all tht u mentioned..My doc sd its Twin Pregnancy..I got BFP at 8dpo itself..I really wanna be in contact with you.. as we share similar preg detail..Do email me at

Same story with you same history...8dpo please pray for me...i dream of the day i will hold my baby...

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