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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with possible implantation spotting, long cycles

Gaaahhhhh I feel like I have to post this just to make it real for myself! And also as a sort of "thank you" to everyone who has shared their BFP stories and symptoms that I read obsessively during this 5 WEEK WAIT (yep, you read that right!) that helped me feel less crazy.

So, some background info:

- I have irregular cycles that, in the past year, have ranged anywhere from 26 to 49 days.
- We were not actively TTC, but took a "let's see what happens" approach starting a few months ago, so no OPKs or temping or anything like that. I do pay attention to my cm, though.
- I had almost all of the same symptoms, including two stretches of spotting, and a pregnancy dream, back in October 2015 but eventually got my period after three negative tests and 60 days. I think it must have been a very early miscarriage where the hormone levels were so low that they never registered on a test. The cycle after that was 49 days long, and I wonder if my body was still sort of "recovering" from the cycle before. The next cycle was only 26 days long, but I'm still hesitant to say that I even menstruated because rather than red blood it was brown, sticky, a little smelly, scant, and lasted 10 days. At that point, after 2 weirdly long cycles and a bunch of weird discharge, I began to think that I must have an infection or ovarian cyst or something. That brings us to the current cycle:

CD 1 - 17: Nothing
CD 18: High sex drive, clear skin (which I think usually correlates to my ovulation), we BD'd w/out protection
CD 19: High sex, clear skin
CD 20 - 22: Nothing
CD 23: Tiny tiny smear of red blood on TP that evening
CD 24: Spotting
CD 25: Emotional and some small cramps on left side
CD 26: Light cramping, brown tinged CM, very tired, red and watery cm in evening, slight sore throat
CD 27: Bit of reddish, then brown-pink spotting in PM
CD 28: Red tinged CM, some light cramps, maybe peed more than normal? AND DH had a dream that I was pregnant, which has never happened before, BD'd w/out protection
CD 29: Minor red spotting, peeing more, blob of brownish pink cm in the evening
CD 30: Emotional
CD 31: Emotional, very light red spotting
CD 32: Red wipe like beginning of period in the AM, though period was going to start, but then nothing but some brown spotting in evening
CD 33: Tension headache (never had one before--had to Google it!), slight cramps, boobs feel a little bigger?
CD 34: Lots of egg white CM, very slight dull cramps, joint pain
CD 35: Slight dull cramps, lots of egg white CM, BD'd w/out protection
CD 36: It's been 18 days since CD 18, when I suspected we conceived, so I took a test and BFN
CD 37: Woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a bus, a bit of nausea in the AM, a few sharp stabbing pains, lots of egg white CM, pressure in lower left
CD 38: Emotional/anxious, fatigue, peeing a lot that night, pressure/discomfort in lower abdomen, very thirsty
CD 39: Some stabbing pains on the right side in evening, bit of nausea in the morning, stretched and felt like a "pulled" my uterus, hurt!!, joint pain
CD 40: Dreamed that I was giving birth (this has never happened before), bit of nausea at work, especially after eating, strange short episode of vertigo where it felt like I was being pulled to one side for a moment (this also happened once in October during that strange cycle)
CD 41: Heartburn (I think? I've never had it before) while lying down in the morning
CD 42: CM has been totally dry for a couple of days, getting unusual zits and found two tiny spider veins on one of my legs
CD 43: Dreamed I got a BFP (again, has never happened before) but there was blood in my urine in the dream, woke up in the middle of the night with rib pain, not feeling well at work, little pangs in the evening, couldn't take the suspense anymore so I tested and got another BFN--at this point I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant and am chalking the long cycle up to some kind of infection or cyst
CD 44: BD'd w/out protection
CD 45: Light little pangs on the left side in the evening
CD 46: Another dream with a BFP and blood, and in this one I had irregular bloodwork that the Dr. couldn't figure out, emotional/irritable
CD 47: Emotional
CD 48: BD'd w/out protection in the morning, weird ball of sticky / dry / gooey CM, the size of two peas--never seen CM like it before!, BD'd w/out protection
CD 49: Since I had come to terms with the fact that I wasn't pregnant, I figured I should test and see if I could still catch ovulation. Used a Wondfo for the first time ever out of curiosity, and test line was nearly as dark as control line--wasn't sure what to make of it
CD 50: Stringy, gooey CM (very stretchy and dry), sensitive nipples
CD 51: Boobs are sore on sides, weird hard, painful lump behind right ear (no idea if this is pregnancy related)
CD 52: Tingly boobs, sore on sides, woke up last night and couldn't fall back asleep, decided to take another Wondfo OPK just to see, and it was positive. That seemed weird since it had been three days since the last nearly-positive test. I had read that pregnancy could sometimes show up on OPKs, and since it had been 9 days since my last HPT, I decided I might as well test the same urine sample with a dollar store test. Clearly BFP pretty quick. Freaked out, told my husband, and we both watched while I tested again on a Target-brand test. BFP. The test line is even darker than the control line. I am so so excited, but trying to reign it in since I know miscarriage is still very possible at this stage.

The real questions is, which BD is the one that did the trick?? I'm tempted to say CD 18, since I had a bunch of spotting starting 5 days later, but if it was CD 18, that means that I was still getting BFNs 25 days later. My other best guess is CD 35, since that still would have shown negative on CD 36 (obviously) and CD 43 when I tested those days, and I did have a lot of egg white CM that day.

Luckily, since I thought I had an infection or cyst, I have a doctor's appt. scheduled for two days from now and can hopefully confirm the pregnancy there and (maybe?) find out how far along I really am. Can't even believe it's real yet--have to keep staring at the tests to tell myself it's true!

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