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BFP With Short Luteal Phase

I promised myself I would post on as soon as I would get my BFP. this site was a real support in my 2ww. I would have never know that smelly urine could be a sign.

I am 29 years old and DH is 32 we have been TTC since November. I started charting in November, December and have found out that my luteal phase is around 10, 11 days so I had progesterone prescribe in December and started a new cycle on 7th of January. also its is the first month using OPK's.

CD14 TO CD 21 : BD
cd18: + OPK BD
cd19: + OPK BD
1 DPO to 5 DPO nothing
6 DPO : I had a yellowish discharge in the morning and sore nipples throughout the day on/off
7 DPO : had this acne break out on my face and shoulder, I've never had a zit, not even when I was a teen. smelly urine
8 DPO : still smelly urine, bbs starts being sore, sore nips. constipated
9 DPO: I could still smell my urine, constipated, wave of nausea at night, cm is creamy. I was so thirsty I woke up with my lips dry and I sweat so much during the night I had to change my t-shirt.
10 DPO : lots of CM, backache, few more cramps AF type. I was still sweating like crazy. increase nausea.
11 DPO: BFP with Clearblue digital ( 1-2 week) and first response. all day I felt light headed, more nausea more cramps, bbs sore. more yellowish CM.
still having hot flashes

I still cant believe it. I still have to continue with the progesterone (duphaston) that will prevent mc. I hope it is a sticky bean. now I have to tell DH.

What was odd for me was the cm discharges I constantly felt wet and the fact that I could smell my urine.

Luke 11:9-10
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened.

Baby dust to all. God bless u


I too have a short LP. I have shceduled an apt. with my gyn for some preliminary tests, we have been TTC since October.  I am 32 DH is 34 and we really want to start a family.  Can you tell me about your progesterone cream, what tests did they run to decide that's what you needed? Congrats!!!

thanks. well he did some ultrasound to see if there is a polyp or pcos and a blood test which all came back normal. so he just told me to take 2 tablets a day of duohaston 10 mg. one in the morning and one in the evening 3 days after a positif opk. and to test after 14 DPO if test is negativ i should stop the pills and normaly have my period in the next 5 days. and if the test is positiv to continue on taking them till i hear the heartbeat around 8 weeks. i hope u also get ur bfp next month, i'll pray for you. baby dust

I never knew getting pregnant would be difficult, there's so much info available, it's hard to know where to start. Thanks for the information.  Is the prog. creme presciption?  I have heard there is over-the-counter.  Did you take b-6? I wasn't sure the docs would run a lot of tests since we have only been trying for 5 months, but I am happy to hear they did with you.  Did you have to go to the doc on a particluar cycle day?  I have my apt. right around ovulation, but then I heard to test prog. it needs to be 7 dpo? Thanks for the prayers, I send them to you as well for a healthy and happy 9 months!

This is my first cycle using progesterone suppositories to extend my ~9 day luteal phase. It took a year since stopping birth control to get my cycles to less than 35 days, so we've been actively TTC since then for 5 months, but charting for about 9 months. If you're charting and know you have a short luteal phase, your doc can start treatment for that (usually an ovulatory disorder), as opposed to if you're just having sex and not getting pregnant, your doc might want you to wait a year. It pays to be proactive!

God bless you too. Thanks for the scripture. :)

JLH, sorry for answering a bit late. well my docotor gave me pills not suppositories. and progesterone in my case was to help my uterus to get thick enogh so that an embryo could implant. normaly progesteron is produce by the corpus luteum of the egg when it is realesed by the ovaries and it keeps on producing progesteron till the placenta is mature. then the placenta will produce the progesterone. normaly the doctors will prefer one step at the time and what ur doctor is doing is the normal steps. i guess patience is a major quality when it comes to babies. better work on it right now hehehehe. i cant wait to see my baby. lots of love and good luck.

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