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BFP with Short Luteal Phase!

Hi girls! I've been reading all of your awesome BFP stories for the past few months, and they've encouraged me so much. Since it's finally happened for me, I thought I'd post my story in case it brought encouragement to anyone else :-) I had TTC in 2009-2010 with my ex-husband, right before we divorced, without any success. I realized through charting that my luteal phase was short (9-10 days, 11 days if I was lucky), so I tried B6 vitamins, progesterone creams and changing my diet. Still nothing worked. Fast forward to now, very happily remarried since June 2014. Knowing my past struggles with my short luteal phase, I thought it would take us a really long time to get pregnant. DH and I decided in early January to start TTC, and I had already been taking Vitex off and on for about 3 months. I got more serious about Vitex, taking 1200 mg daily (at night, to avoid the headaches that sometimes come with Vitex) and began drinking strong infusions of Raspberry leaf and nettle leaf tea almost daily. In January, my luteal phase went up to 13 days and I thought it was finally being corrected. But in February, it dropped down to 8 days. I ordered Maca supplements and Carlson's Elite Omega-3 and began taking these about 5 days into this past cycle and decided to relax and stop tracking my cycle (it was driving me a little crazy ;-). We also had sex every other day during my suspected ovulation window (as opposed to daily in the past cycles), not on purpose but just because we were traveling out of state and vacationing with family so it was a little trickier :-). And this was the cycle I finally got my very faint BFP at around 11 DPO, on my birthday! I thought it was defective since it was so faint, so re-tested with a pink dye test a few days later (I'd used a blue dye one the first time and read they are less reliable) and it came back nice and dark. Before testing, I thought for sure AF was coming on. I had all the regular AF symptoms, except my boobs hurt more than normal (they felt sunburnt, like they were on fire), but that went away right before AF was due. I had absolutely no other symptom beside my regular AF ones. No spotting, nausea, fatigue or any of that stuff. I've been feeling very mild PMS-like cramping for the past few days, my boobs are slightly sore at night when I take off my bra and I have a good amount of energy (my grand-ma and her grand-ma were also like this through all their pregnancies, including the first trimester). It still doesn't feel real! And I'm so grateful that it's finally happening and I'm hoping with all my hear that it sticks! Good luck to you all!



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