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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP & worried.. help!

So just 2 weeks ago, I submitted my "am I pregnant" story. Here is how it went: So I have read the TWW for years but I was never in the position to ever post. I always read BFP stories & voted on these. Now I am finally able to post my own! I quit taking my birth control in July & we started trying this month! I have been super skeptical because, who gets pregnant on their first month, right? That's what I keep telling myself. We were kinda just seeing what happened this month so I didn't use OPK this month. I just watched out for my CM & put my info in a ovulation calculator. I think I ovulated in the week of the 10-15th. We BD everyday but one. Therefore I'm not able to for sure know my dpo, but I figured I'd give you my symptoms & see what y'all think! I'm super skeptical but hoping for the best! Symptoms include: vivid dreams, severe cramping, night sweats/hot flashes, twinges, super erect nipples, hungry all the time, sleeping longer than usual, nausea & headaches I've heard that once you are TTC you become more in tune to your body, so these may be things that happened before I just wasn't looking. NOW -- Saturday was the day AF was supposed to show, I used FMU on a CBD & it read "not pregnant" so I thought for sure I was out. Ever since Saturday I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop & for AF to show her ugly face... but she never did. So today makes me 3 days late & I decided to test on my last Walmart cheapie & what do you know... BFP!!!! I then went & bought the FRER & same thing. Two dark lines!! NOW I am worrying myself to death because I really hope it sticks. I am looking for tips for what y'all did once you got your BFP & how to calm the worry.. Thanks for reading & id appreciate any advice!
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I'm, having a miscarriage and a still birth, just remind yourself, this process is science. U never want to force something that'll be an unhealthy unsuccessful ride with no real benefiial outcome (living child) just remember and tell yourself your body & chromosomes know what will work and what is permanent. And you WILL conceive again. This is never the ONLY pregnancy. Wait it out & see what happens. Time is all that can tell. No amount of worrying and stressing or make believe can make it real. (I can't see anyone's pics because my phone is weird and they're all too big including my own to see the whole pic once uploaded) Never test too early. Vivd dreams (&bad balance) etc is ALWAYS a first symptom for myself as well. Pay attention to your dreams you'll know by how they feel, sometimes they're telling you what your body knows but your conscious does not yet.

In my opinion* having had a* Not currently having either lol sorry for that error.

I got to see your picture. It definitely looks like a noticable and healthy positive. Also, I believe my husband and i just conceived this time on the first try for the first time since we've conceived in 6 years. It does happen. I've been watching my ovulation on a glow app. But my cycle has never been exact on it so we were just randomly shoot & miss here & there. Also why I'm so in shock to have ANY kind of positive. Doesn't feel real. We always talk about it, mc, have issues then I would've accepted it as "fate" given up & gone on birth control. So, congratulations. It flies by! Don't stress what is out of your control & enjoy ever crying screaming pooping moment of it!! Be IN the moment, every moment possible. Congratulations! <3

I know how you feel I had a miscarriage 6 years ago and we tried getting pregnant ever since and I eventually got a bfp two weeks ago, I know I should be ecstatic and don't get me wrong I am happy but I just can't get excited until I know everything is ok! I'm feeling kind of detached at the moment just in case something goes wrong, we haven't told anyone I'm pregnant not even the kids (which is really hard because they keep asking why mummy's so sick) these last two weeks have dragged so I don't hold much hope for the next few weeks! Only thing that's relaxing me is the constant nausea, as unpleasant as it is, but that's letting me know my baby is still growing in there. Only thing I can suggest is to just take it a day at a time x

KB88 -- girl. I feel you! Same here. I am feeling detached too. We haven't told anyone & I'm holding off until I call the doctor. I've MC before as well & it was like a week or 2 after I found out. So I'm gonna wait that out & if we're still good around 7-8 weeks I'm gonna go to the dr. I'm sending good sticky vibes your way! Congrats on your BFP & hopefully we can both keep our minds busy!

Thank you :) I was 10 weeks when I miscarried so i don't think I'm going to relax until I pass that point. Although I remember that I barely felt pregnant at the time I had practically no symptoms and this time I feel awful! I'm so bloated and feel really sick and I'm exhausted all the time! So I'm hoping that's a good thing lol x

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