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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Blessed with BFP after MC

Hi there, Ladies! I am super excited to share my symptoms with you!! DH and I have been trying for a long time for baby #1. We were really excited earlier this year when I had my first BFP. Sadly, that pregnancy ended with a MC at 5 weeks. We took a month off after, then got right back to trying. Several months later, and I have another BFP. I haven't told DH yet because my HCG numbers were a bit low (37 at 12 DPO), and I wanted to make sure they doubled before I got him all excited. Today, I got the results from my 14 DPO blood draw--146! My numbers are definitely doubling! I really hope that they doubled appropriately, and that they stay where they need to be. I am definitely nervous, scared, and excited. I definitely lost some of the blissful innocence of pregnancy with my MC. All around me, people are having babies, and we have been the couple silently trying for longer than most of those around us. We have been the subject of innocent jokes, casual conversation, intrusive prodding, etc. It can be really hurtful sometimes, but I thank God that I have been blessed with an incredible husband, who has been so loving, warm, and kind to me. As far as the pregnancy, I literally knew from the day after O. I had different post O symptoms, and that really gave it away for me. Ok, here are the symptoms!! :) CD 16 O: I definitely felt O. I am a total chart addict, so I knew exactly when we should O. I also use the Pearly Fertility Monitor. We BD on O night. We randomly decided to try the Shettle's Method--more as an experiment than anything. Gotta keep this baby-making interesting! ;) 1 DPO: Nothing--no nipple soreness that I normally have post O. HUGE sign to me. I ALWAYS have nipple soreness. It's how I know that I am post O, even before my chart shows crosshairs. The only thing that I had was a stuffy nose and some heart flutters in the late evening. 2 DPO: I felt crampy. I NEVER get cramps, even before AF--huge sign. I am gluten-intolerant (non-Celiac, blood diagnosed), and I felt like I had eaten a bunch of gluten. 3 DPO: I wanted bell peppers like they were the most amazingly delicious food to ever be grown. I also took a two-hour, dead-to-the-world-I-hope-the-house-doesn't-burn nap. Still no sore BBs. I had a really stuffy nose. Some cramps still. Very unusual. Definitely knew something was up. So tired. I also started getting super vivid dreams. I would wake up exhausted from how real they seemed. 4 DPO: During another crazy deep nap, I woke up hot and sweaty--kind of like what I imagine menopausal women have at night. My heart was also racing. It wasn't "that" kind of vivid dream, either. ;) I was also craving more strange food. Like, I had to have it. My hips were achey. I was dizzy, tired, and peed nonstop. I had a stuffy nose, but an increased sense of smell. 5 DPO: Slept in. I was really flushed, even DH noticed it. I was flushed even on my back and arms. More CM. Dizziness, frequent urination, STARVING, small cramp, could smell everything, and more vivid dreams. 6 DPO: More CM. I was taking a nap, and I had this freaky electric pain radiating all around my rib cage. It woke me up, and I freaked out and left the house (figuring, of course, I was about to die at home alone of some freaky heart thing or something). It lasted about 15 minutes. My heart was also racing. It made me really anxious. Still tired. Started feeling O pain again--odd. I also started to get the metallic taste in my mouth that we all hear about. My throat was sore and I could smell everything again, even with a stuffy nose. Vivd dreams again. 7 DPO: UTI--lame! Restless sleep, can't fall asleep. Lightly tender BBs. My dr. had me take a urine preg. test, and it wasn't positive or negative she said. She sent blood work out--negative. I KNEW it was wrong. I even told them on the phone that it was wrong, and I would be getting more done later. I felt pressure in my lower abdomen. I felt hot, my mouth felt hot, and I was flushed. I was super tired, had a headache/mild nausea. The metallic taste has continued. Vivd dreams, again. My teeth also were more sensitive. 8 DPO: So thirsty in the middle of the night...screwed up my temps! Lame. HUGE backache...all of my muscles locked up in my back for no reason. Really unusual. Only a slight right side cramp. Starting to feel out, but knowing I wasn't. Still tired. Frequent urination, assumed to be a UTI thing. Couldn't sleep. Stuffy nose. 9 DPO: Right side cramp. Feeling out. Felt TERRIBLE at workout. I couldn't get through it. I felt like I was going to have an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. I usually rock this class, but I couldn't get through it. Even the instructor noticed, and took it easy on me. Took a test. Super faint, probably line eyed, line. I had heartburn (huge sign with BFP with last pregnancy). 10 DPO: BFP!!! Afternoon urine. Totally weird--I had this horrible zapping pain in the outside skin of my hoo-haw (lovely image, right?). I mean, it felt like a bug was biting me. It radiated in, but only to the pubic bone. I had more cramps. I cannot stress enough how unusual cramps are for me. I was also slightly gassy. I felt like I was ovulating again. More vivid dreams. I called my primary care doctor to get another blood test. They acted like I was crazy, and told me they were too full on the Saturday schedule to get me in for even three minutes to repeat the same orders as last time. I was super irritated. I told them that it was really anxiety-inducing to let someone who had a MC go through a weekend not knowing her HCG numbers were low/high or doubling. My MC had really low, non-doubling HCG. 11 DPO: Another BFP. Nothing but a little heartburn. 12 DPO: BFP. Light positive at the OB/GYN. I didn't even bother with my primary care Dr. I started to freak out because she said she had to wait for the whole time window to get a line. Take that as encouragement if it happens to you. FRER and Answer were WAYYY better than the Dr. test. I had an upset stomach, rotating O type pain, fatigue, heartburn, metallic taste in my mouth, and an increased sense of smell. Blood test for this day was 37 HCG with great progesterone. She told me to come back in two days for a follow up draw, because the number was low. Freaked out, figuring I was in for another MC. 13 DPO: BFP 1-2 on ClearBlue Digital. Really tired. Felt puffy in my face. No other symptoms. Feeling like I was going to have a MC. Pelvic pressure like period was going to start. Slight evening nausea. Light pink/creamy CM. 14 DPO: BFP 2-3 on ClearBlue Digital. Really encouraged by that!! Frequent urination, and really tired. Super light pink/creamy white CM. Praying it's just implantation bleeding. 15 DPO: BFP 2-3 on ClearBlue Digital again. HCG came back 146. Very excited! I can't wait to tell DH. I feel like my period is going to start, and really it has felt like that for a few days. I have that achey, dull pressure in my lower abdomen that is a sure AF sign. That kind of freaks me out, but I guess that's fairly normal? Slight nausea, and my BBs kind of feel sore today. BTW, I take bio-active folate (methyltetrahydrafolate) and baby aspirin for MTHFR (a common cause of MC, apparently), along with a bio-active pre-natal (Emerald Labs). Anyway, I would say that it really just feel SUPER tired and like my period is about to start. I really PRAY that my pregnancy sticks this time. I want this to be my take home baby, not another angel baby. BTW, my Answer test had a faint line before my FRER--not by much, but definitely picked it up before anything else did. Same with my last pregnancy. I was going to edit this to make sure I have no errors, and that it's lovely and beautiful--but really, I am tired and brain-foggy. Please forgive any errors. I probably can't spell my own name today. ;) Lots of love to all of you ladies out there!! <3


I forgot to add that I am absolutely starving!! Like, starving. All the time. I still feel like AF is on her way. Blessings All!

Congratulations! ! I hope you are able to enjoy these early weeks and that everything goes beautifully.

Thank you! I'm not really having any symptoms right now except dizziness, extreme hunger, and the feeling like af is on her way. I really pray everything goes well. I was actually reading in Hebrews 11 last night about having faith for the things God will provide. I love when God shows me what I need to see. Blessings to you!

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