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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BPF 14 months after m/c.....

The back story..Me (39) & DH (38)...

July 2014 Got engaged after 9 months of dating..When you know, you know....
August 2014 Pulled the goalie & got pregnant with the first try! OMG, I didn't know how lucky I was..
Sept 2014 Found out we were having twins! (I'm an identical twin..)
Oct 2014 10 week u/s revealed both babies had passed about 8 weeks :( Had a d/c three days before bridal shower)
Dec 2014 CP early in the month, married Dec 27!
Jan/Feb/March 2015 TTC..nothing
April 2015 IUI BFN
May 2015 Had to wait a month because our clinic mandates you go to genetic counseling if doing PGS test and I couldn't get an appointment prior to period..seriously!
June 2015 IVF #2 9 Retrieved, 9 Fertilized, none made it to Day 5, day 3 didn't look good. NO TRANSFER

When I was 36 years old and single, I knew I wanted kiddos so I looked into egg freezing. I didn't have enough money (12k) at the time so I asked my parents if I could borrow a little. So, IVF #1 (alone) 19 eggs retrieved, 17 eggs frozen. During the stim process in June 2015 for IVF #2, we simultaneously defrosted all 17 eggs from IVF #1. 11 made it through the freeze, 11 fertilized, 4 made it to day 5 and were PGS tested. 3 normal, 1 abnormal (Chromosome 2, I have a skin disorder, Ehlers Danlos and this the chromosome that is affected. I live a very normal life (law enforcement) so I KNOW THIS EMBRYO is TOTALLY FINE TO TRANSFER!)

July 2015 2, 30 mm plus cysts..ugh rest month
August 2015 Decided to do another stim cycle because we wanted to bank more embryos because stats suggest 1 out of every 3 normal embryos will work. After 2 months of CoQ10, DHEA (50mg), AMH had increased from 1.34 (March 2015) to 4.21! FSH down from 7.8 to 4.9. That stuff works! IVF #3 27 retrieved,13 mature, 15 fertilized, 4 made it to day 3, transferred 3, froze 1...BFN! ugh...

Sept 2015 5 small cysts..ugh rest month
Oct 2015 Immune testing to maximize success rates from 65% to 85% one copy of MTHFR, PAI-II, and needed IVIG..5k later...ugh
Oct 27, 2015 transfer date! baby girl...
Only symptoms during ttw were heaviness in uterus and upon waking 6dp5dt boobs were a little sore under armpits, then more sore 7dpt5dt. I was on progesterone shots, estrogen, and lovenox, baby aspirin, and loads of other supplements. Did acupuncture 1-2x/week since June 2015.

BFP 8dp5dt on 11/04/15! @0345. Woke DH up...and we never went back to sleep...I'm still in shock!


Congratulations.  Happy and healthy 9 mos.

Like i read it a few times, i never thought i would be posting here these soon. I did my first IVF with one fresh ET on 9th of November and i got my BETA tested on 21st with a Positive result.. I had two failed IUI's prior to this IVF and ecstatic with the result. Not sure of my HCG levels yet, (dint hear anything else from the nurse except that the test came positive:):)) but was advised to get blood checks done for the next 4 weeks., Nurse had asked me to stop taking PG and eveyrthing looked the way they should for a 4 week pregnant. :) 

I know this is a very tough wait but keep faith in God, there will be a time for everyone. I had no symptoms at all even though i was on Pogesterone twice a day except for a few days before the blood test, and all i had was a bit of cramping in stomach which is still continuing. I pray sincerely for everyone who is trying and very happy to assist or answer any questions. 

One small suggestion: Dont go for IUI's and waste time, i suggest IVF which didnt really seem very tough. 

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