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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Can't believe I get to finally write this! (includes symptoms and my protocol)

First of all I have to express my gratitude for this site. We have been trying for four years and I had so many two week waits where I found comfort from reading all these posts. So glad this site exists!!! OK history: 38 year old healthy female (same sex couple, sperm donor) 4 failed IUIs 2 failed IVFs 3rd IVF success!!! I couldn't believe it! We were in shock for weeks! Symptoms: Day 1 of 5 day ICSI Frozen Embryo Transfer w/genetic testing: came home, went straight to bed to watch movies, slept, woke up, ate, went back to sleep, repeat! Day 2 Post Transfer (PT) slept, rested all day, mild dizziness Day 3 PT - went back to work, dizziness on and off all day, shortness of breath (brief, twice) Day 4 PT dizziness, sore boobs Day 5 PT dizziness on and off, sore boobs, HUNGRY DAY 6 PT hungry, small dizziness, a couple of boob zaps, general soreness of bbs, overall feeling more tolerant and happy (which is weird cause I should be pmsing) Day 7 PT morning moody then fine; a little out of breath when walking (generally in good shape), sore boobs, especially on sides, tingle or cramp in nipples, felt warm, took temp of 99.5 Day 8 PT moody; afternoon very brief nausea (ate a bar and it went away), dizziness, evening temp of 99.5, cervix high and soft Day 9 PT High cervix (i knew this because of my 3x a day vaginal progesterone insertions), sore boobs, dry eyes and nose (could be weather), no period, watery cm, pain on left side, 99.3 temp Day 10 PT Pain on lower left side, sore boobs, 99.4 temp, no period, frequent bm (which is usually a sign of period coming so I thought I was out) Day 11 PT, 99.3, boob zaps, cried in the morning (thought I was out), no period Day 12 PT, blood test - 826 HCG!!!!! POAS test (just because I wanted to see it): BFP!!!!! Major tellers for me: the higher temp that I had in the evenings, the weird boob zaps (unlike before with a period or PMSing), and the dizziness and shortness of breath. These were all things I didn't have when I had failed attempts. What I did differently: -In prepping for IVF I read and adhered to a great book (It Starts With the Egg, by Rebecca Fett) - I think this helped with my egg quality -Ate healthier -Tried to keep lower stress (meditating, yoga) -Had a polyectomy before the transfer which removed any and all polyps from my uterus (girls, get a hysteroscopy to make sure your uterus is in good shape before you waste money on failed IUIs) -Had acupuncture before and after the transfer -Ate pineapple core before and after the transfer -Kept a positive attitude -Prayed, prayed, prayed - kept a positive mindset and knew it was out of my hands at the end of the day I am now 7 weeks and looking forward to the arrival of our little bundle of joy next July!!! Good luck and most importantly ladies, DO NOT GIVE UP. Have faith, take care of yourselves and believe it will happen. Positive mindsets make all the difference. Sending baby dust, love and peace to all! XOXOXO


Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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